5-Day Mindful Athlete Retreat in Chile

5-Day Mindful Athlete Retreat in Chile0
5-Day Mindful Athlete Retreat in Chile15-Day Mindful Athlete Retreat in Chile2
Ensenada, Puerto Varas, Chile
Mar 27, 2020 - Mar 31, 2020
Lelikelen Yoga
$1,800 USD


Skier? Climber? Paddler? Biker? Runner? As an athlete, you need to have a good relationship with your body. You need to learn its limits, how each part connects to the whole, and how to push it to its maximum potential is a safe and beneficial way. But no matter how strong one's body is, it doesn't mean much without a strong mind and breath.

This retreat is perfect for you if you are: an athlete of any kind, looking to learn more about your body and how to protect it, and hoping to strengthen in a mindful and balanced way.

A yoga practice is an incredible compliment to the sports and activities that you already do and love. During this retreat we'll use a physical yoga practice help you balance our your weaknesses and strengths, protect your joints, and strengthen at a much deeper level. We'll pay special attention to yoga anatomy, injury prevention, and recovery of fatigued or overused muscle groups. You'll also push yourself mentally, and we'll work on breath quality and control.

Develop joint stability, physical, mental, and emotional strength, and balance. Make a commitment to protect your body now so that you can continue doing the sports that you love in the future.

Ensenada, Chile rests between two volcanoes, and the energy that can be felt here isn't found just anywhere. It's the perfect spot to escape to and simply breathe.

P.S. Tell us about your athletic ventures, and we'll tailor the week based on what each person needs. Whether you're a rock-climber, cyclist, paddles, skier, boarder, swimmer, or just a general athlete... we'll make sure that each class is what YOU need.

-airport transfer
-lodging (private room with bathroom)
-all meals
-daily yoga classes
-one extra workshop/activity
-massage and spa afternoon
-volcano hike and meditation
-private session with certified kinesthesiologist

Check out our website to see a sample daily schedule and/or ask any questions you might have!

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