8 Days Spiritual Transformation Retreat

8 Days Spiritual Transformation Retreat0
8 Days Spiritual Transformation Retreat18 Days Spiritual Transformation Retreat2
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Dec 08, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019
Bibi Boyadjieva
$1699 USD


Retreat Highlights:

* 8 days of Complete Spiritual Transformation and Reconnection to Your Soul
* 7 nights Luxury Accommodation at The Ark - Eco Lodge & Retreats Ubud
* Single and Double Rooms available
* Daily High-Quality Organic Vegan & Gluten-free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
* Unlimited access to Outdoor Pool and Infrared Sauna
* One complimentary Full Body Massage
* Free Airport Transfer

​* Astrology Readings: Birth Chart Reading plus Follow-Up Astrology Life Coaching
* Akashic Records Reading
* Attunement & Lectures on Accessing your own Akashic Records
* Daily Yoga & Meditation Practices in the Yoga Shala on site
* Reiki Practice + Attunements for Reiki Level I & II
* Group Theta Healing Sessions

​* A Traditional Blessing Ceremony with a Balinese Priest upon Arrival
* Daily Circle Sharing Sessions
* Full Moon Ceremony with Kirtan, Astrology Guidance & Dance
* A Closing & Graduation Ceremony
* Sound Healing Sessions
* and so much more

Are you ready to step onto a Sacred Journey towards the deepest and most precious parts of your Soul? Are you willing to look within, to face all of your shadows and through processing them unlock the potential for your Soul’s Evolution? Have you recently been questioning the meaning of your existence, the meaning of human life in general and would like to find a new sense of inspiration, empowerment and liberation? Are you asking yourself the questions ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’.
We believe that Finding Self is relatively easy, and we will be able to help you along that Beautiful Process of Self-Discovery. What we see as especially challenging, though, is Being and Owning that New-Found Self unapologetically. This is where the knowledge, experience and wisdom of Astrology, The Akashic records, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Reiki will support you on your Sacred Journey towards a more Empowered Self and Freely Expressed Identity.
We can ensure you that after participating in this Spiritual Transformation Retreat you will look at your life with completely different eyes. You will be able to recognize clearly what no longer serves you. You will be ready and willing to let all of your internally and externally imposed Limiting Beliefs and Blockages go and with your newly explored sense of Life Direction, you will be able to create new structures in your life which will ultimately provide you emotional and material security. You will learn how to manifest only experiences, circumstances and relationships that serve your Soul’s Evolutionary Trajectory in this lifetime and how to recognize them in the sea of opportunities.
If this resonates with your soul’s current needs, if it sounds compelling and you feel called to work with us, do not hesitate to Reach Out and Reserve your Spot. We would love you to have you on board of this Underworld Journey.

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