Awaken the Wild & Wise Woman within

Awaken the Wild & Wise Woman within0
Awaken the Wild & Wise Woman within1Awaken the Wild & Wise Woman within2
Puglia, Italy
Oct 26, 2019 - Nov 02, 2019
Allison Kesley
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This retreat is for all women who have a sense of dissatisfaction, unease with the way things are, or who have a sense that they are being called to be more of who they truly are, to step up, to rise but haven’t got a clue what that actually means or looks like. Maybe outwardly you are successful, happy but there is a sense that somewhere down the line, you have lost touch with who you are, lost the connection to your souls truth and maybe a sense that a large part of you hasn’t been allowed expression.

Often as women we can put ourselves into our own prison and create a life in the way we think it ought to be, or to look from the outside, we work hard, we strive, we have achievements, but at some point we stop, look around and wonder, what was this really all about, at what price have we achieved these things.

We have got used to looking outside of ourselves for answers, perhaps with books, courses, coaches and mentors and whilst all of these are great, we have lost touch with our own inner compass, our own intuition and our wild and wise nature.

if this is you, come and join me for a week as we explore the Wild Woman, our instinctual nature and the Wise woman, our intuition, deep knowing and wisdom that goes way beyond what we have learned.

When we reconnect to the Wild and Wise woman archetype we make all of our choices and decisions from this place of power and authenticity. We can let go of procrastination, anxiety, what-ifs, excuses and analysis paralysis as we regain our full power.

Each of us is beautifully unique and so we will embody the Wild and Wise woman in a different way. Most will feel more energised, more enthusiasm for life and more grounded in the physical body. This is because denying your truth takes a lot of energy and often results in exhaustion, or anxiety as we have to run harder to avoid ourselves. When we give our power away, and look outside of ourselves for the answers, we use our mind only and often disconnect from our body.

Through ritual, twice daily yoga and other embodied practices, as well as ceremony, and guided visualisation you will come home to you!

We will enjoy twice daily yoga practices most day, with more dynamic vinyasa flow practices in the morning and slower restorative or body prayer type practices in the evening. As well as being a prana flow yoga teacher, I am a reiki master, an archetypes coach and a priestess and I will bring all these into the retreat to create a safe, sacred space for deep transformation.

La Rosa Dei 4 Venti

Restored and finely renovated, La Rosa Dei 4 Venti is an ancient 17th century Monastery and “Masseria” (farmhouse), located a short distance from Martina Franca, a town halfway between Adriatic and Ionic Sea.

Immersed in the peaceful and tranquil Valle D’Itria countryside, the 14 acres property includes: a manor house with several large communal areas, a small church with original frescoes dating back to the 18th century, a large and bright Yoga Shala converted from a stable, a wide glass gazebo room overlooking the open garden, a private forest with a meditational path in the woods, a swimming pool and various quiet areas to relax and meditate.

About Allison

Allison is a Senior Vinyasa flow teacher, Archetypes Coach, Therapist, Reiki Master and Priestess. She has been working with the goddess energy for many years weaving the Eastern and Western psychologies, and creates workshops and events with her own style of mixing the deep soul medicine with equal measures of sacred ritual and light-heartedness. She is passionate about empowering women to connect to their truth and living their truth and works with the goddess energy in a way that is both mystical and magical and practical for every day modern living.

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