Beyond Ritual in Bali

Beyond Ritual in Bali0
Beyond Ritual in Bali1Beyond Ritual in Bali2
Bali, Indonesia
Mar 01, 2020 - Mar 10, 2020
Phoebe Miller
From $2,603 USD


Allow yourself to be immersed in your breath, your movement, and the swirling energies of Bali all around you. Within it all, the present moment reveals a world beyond the daily rituals and beyond a life you never thought was imaginable.

Awaken to something beyond yourself...


nOMad is heading back to Bali with new gifts to share.

Movement. Breathwork. Yoga

This sacred place is the perfect landscape to explore something new within you. Through the daily rituals and practices of movement and breath, unfold something greater within yourself.

Are you ready to go beyond?

Each day explore the mystical world of Bali by visiting temples, rice fields, and communities to learn about the Balinese rituals and culture. Through our daily practices, discover what is reflected back within your own inner landscape.

What you practice, you become. Practice daily yoga, playful & healing movement, and breath work to explore new rituals that can shift you to the person you want to reveal to the outer world.

Discover is joy waiting for you in the other side…

Experience the practices of movement to recognize the patterns the body holds and shift the energies to both liberate and manifest something new. Dive into breath work to help release old habitual patterns. Both will complement the practice of yoga that will build strength to stamina to harness the new energies you create.

After your journey, return home feeling more joyful and grounded with a renewed sense of knowing who you are, what you want from life, and the belief that it is all possible.


”Floating Leaf has based our approach on the fundamental Balinese Hindu doctrine of Tri Hita Karana. This Sanskrit term translates to ‘three paths to peacefulness and prosperity’ and is based on a trio of harmonious relationships, the balance between humans and God, between humans and other humans and the equilibrium of man and nature. When all three are in balance; harmony and prosperity is the result. -from Floating Leaf


7 days and 6 nights at Floating Leaf in Sukawati

3 healthy and hearty meals per day (dinner on day 1 and breakfast on final day)

Daily yoga, breathwork, and movement classes by Phoebe

Roundtrip airport transfers

Welcome Dinner with Traditional Dancers & Musicians

Charity Event

Ricefield walk/ Bali Water Temples

Purification Ceremony and Rituals at Sacred Water Temple

Farewell Dinner


3 Nights at Yoga Barn in Ubud

breakfast included

other meals & activities in Ubud not included

A message from your host

Hello friends! This is where I get to share with you my story. I was inspired to begin this nOMadic journey in 2013 after a year full of obstacles. I decided to live out a dream of marrying two of my passions, traveling and teaching. I have always been a firm believer in finding opportunity for growth from all of life’s gifts, so I packed up my life and went for it.

I am grateful to be building a tribe of nOMads from the ground up now with a thriving Hudson Valley yoga community, a growing global online community, offering various teacher training programs, and bringing you all together on retreats around the world.

I am experiencing another shift right now and by the time we arrive to Bali together, I have a feeling I will have much to share with you. One being my new movement technique to help all of us heal and realize the joy within ourselves in order to liberate and manifest what you want most in your life.

Another is I will be going through an intense breath work training in July and will be eager to share that journey and practice with you too! And oh so much much I can’t even imagine as I write this! Who knows!

My teaching of yoga focuses on the importance of alignment, breath, and mindfulness. Through the teaching in a supportive and playful atmosphere, you gain a more profound understanding of you own body and mind. My teaching inspires that through practice, patience, courage, and compassion, yoga can open a world of greater possibilities and deepen the connection to one’s core being. 

With over 20 years of teaching experience, I am so honored for the opportunity to witness your experience as you discover your own rhythm and humbled to guide you on your journey to a whole new world.

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