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Happy New Year to you all!

Wow, another year over, and an interesting one indeed!

As we think you’ll agree, with everything going on in our World at the moment, this really does feel like a time of huge ‘transformation’. And maybe that is just what we need. A time to unite, to incite positive change and ‘transformation’ in the world, at what seems to be a pivotal moment. So, at this ‘turning point’ of a new year, we invite you to reflect and share your own thoughts on this notion of ‘transformation’, and how we can all help make sure it is for better and not for worse.

As a little incentive to get you involved, we’re going to give 3 Liforme mats this month to a few of you who contribute to this discussion, although we really hope you’ll want to share your thoughts on this topic anyway! We put something similar out there with you last year about ‘intentions’ for the new year, and the response was heartwarming and truly inspiring.

So, here’s the plan this time:

Step 1

Please comment on this blog post, or on our Instagram and Facebook, letting us know initially what this notion of ‘Transformation’ means to you. We want to hear about things that you want to ‘transform’, in the world or within yourself.  Or things that you don’t want to transform, and why. Or things that you plan to do to effect positive ‘transformation’ in the world. Tell us about things that are transforming within your Yoga practice, or another part of your life. Basically, just tell us whatever you feel! We’re interested in big things, small things, local or global. It’s all important, and it all makes a difference.

Step 2 

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting on this blog some interesting ‘words of wisdom’ about ‘transformation’ from a few special friends of ours, in order to keep the conversation going. We’ll also invite you to comment on those posts too!

Again we wish you all a very happy, and transformative, new year!

And we wish peace, love and hope for all beings who are suffering in the world right now.

With much love and gratitude
James, and all of us at Liforme

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One Reply to "Happy New Year from Liforme"

  1. Masina Malepeai Frost says:

    I just found this post and – synchronicity – this is going to be a year of loving transformation. Following some difficult times, I am starting on a new path. I also feel that the world needs a tremendous amount of healing at this point in time. I am starting an organisation called peace of kindness. Three times a day, in every time zone around the world, people can meditate (or pray, or feel love, acceptance, kindness) and send out their positive feelings and love into the world. We don’t understand fully quantum physics, but I feel that collective positive intention can have a material impact on the energy of our world. Please keep an eye out for it and join in if you can. And it is only a first step toward my ideas for making positive energy choices in our lives. Viva transformation. Viva love.

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