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Introduction to the Liforme Yoga Retreats and Events Guide

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You’ve decided to go on a yoga retreat and we couldn’t be more thrilled if we were going ourselves. But the next step is the most difficult part of any trip: the planning. Maybe you have a very specific window of time or a location you’ve had in mind forever. Maybe you know a great teacher or maybe you want to try something new. Maybe your budget is the deciding factor.

How can you find out all the options and details, like how much it’s going to cost, what kind of yoga will be offered, and whether you’ll have a roommate? There are so many choices out there, scattered along the off-ramps of the information super highway, but how do you find the right exit? It’s always been really difficult to gather that information so you can evaluate your options and make the most informed decision about which retreat to book. That’s why we’re so pleased and excited to introduce the Liforme Yoga Retreats & Events Guide.

Liforme what's on?

Why We Made This

We’ve experienced the frustration and stress of trying to find the retreat that’s supposed to relieve our frustration and stress. It’s counterproductive and discouraging enough to make you want to stay home! We want to make things easier for yogis like you when you’ve decided to take that all-important time for yourselves by connecting you with the retreat information you need. (As opposed to what Google’s advertising algorithm thinks you need!)

We believe in the power of the yoga community to be a community in more than just name. We want to promote opportunities for yogis to connect: with wonderful teachers, with the environment, with themselves, and with other yogis across the planet. We believe in the power of sangha. That’s how yoga is going to change the world for the better.

How Does our Yoga Retreats & Events Guide Work?

How Does our Yoga Retreats & Events Guide Work?

It’s quite simple really. Our retreats & events guide is ad-free and open to everyone to upload their upcoming event information. We’ll do a little vetting to make sure everything is legit. Then you can browse the listings and find the ones that are most useful to you.

As a user, we’re not collecting your information, charging you a fee, or bombarding you with ads (ever). It’s all there for the taking and we hope you’ll take advantage of it soon.

What if you want a weekend workshop, a teacher training, or to see upcoming local events? All that is included as well. We aim to make this guide THE place to discover and research the retreats and events that deepen your practice, serve your needs, and improve your life.

The more yoga and the more connection, the better for everyone. The yogis and the events are already out there. All we’ve done is built a tool that helps bring them together. Come visit the Liforme Yoga Retreats and Events Guide to find your next adventure!


Liv x

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