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Meet Liforme’s Purple Earth Yoga Mat (And Find out Why Purple is the Old Green)

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You know a Liforme mat as soon as you see it. Our distinctive alignment graphic and amazingly grippy, colour-drenched surfaces, both of which are specially engineered to offer yogis the best practice experience available, make our mats stand out from the crowd.

What isn’t so obvious on the outside is that, from our earliest days, we have been deeply committed to making our mats as eco-friendly as possible. We obsess over the materials, manufacturing process, packaging, and eventual disposal (after a good long use-life) of our mats.

We worked with some of the world’s best materials scientists to innovate a proprietary eco-polyurethane top layer, which is etched and heat bonded to the sustainable rubber bottom layer to avoid the use of toxic inks and glues. We’ve eliminated plastic from our packaging in favour of recyclable paper and cardboard. We use carbon neutral shipping services whenever we can.

Unlike PVC mats, which can take several lifetimes to degrade after being thrown ‘away’, Liforme mats are designed to break down in one to five years in landfill conditions. (And don’t get us started on how ill-suited PVC mats are for actually practising yoga asana unless you have a minute!) We’re always looking for ways to improve our ecological footprint because running an ethical business is important to our yogic values.

When it came time to create a mat that represents our dedication to environmentalism, we continued our tradition of thinking outside the box. That’s how we arrived at Purple Earth (Also, we already had a green mat.)

Why Purple Earth?

Why Purple Earth?

According to the Purple Earth hypothesis, long before we humans came along the Earth may have looked more purple than green. Scientists have theorised that photosynthesis in early plants may have occurred via retinal molecules instead of now more common chlorophyll. While chlorophyll is responsible for the green colour of today’s plants, those that use retinal appear purple.

Of course, a lot has changed since the purple old days. People, for instance, now populate a planet that is becoming less green all the time due to rampant industrialisation and the constant need for more sources of energy.

While we can’t turn back time, we believe that humans have a responsibility to innovate our way out of the environmental crises we have caused through the thoughtless destruction of Earth’s resources. We can’t just continue the old ways of doing things when that means ignoring the brink to which we have brought our increasingly fragile ecosystems.

We must all do what we can to preserve the health of our planet. That’s why Liforme donates 5% of website sales of our Purple Earth family of mats (which includes a Travel Mat and a Yoga Pad) to Friends of the Earth, a global grassroots organisation that works tirelessly to ensure future generations will have a just and healthy world.

Liforme mats offer the unique opportunity to revolutionise your yoga practice and tread lightly on the Earth. We think you shouldn’t have to compromise on either.


Liv x

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