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Yoga: Your Way to a Better You

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Change can be scary, right!? Taking that leap of faith to push yourself, to try something new, may seem daunting, yet we are already doing it every day, even during our Yoga practice.

As part of our series of inspiring guest blogs about ‘Transformation’, Dylan Werner explores what makes us all want to make changes to our lives, bodies and minds, and the role yoga can play in all of these transformations.

‘Why do we want to be better? What in us drives us to improve our lives, our bodies, and our minds? Is it because we are not happy with where we are or who we are? For some of us, this is the reason. But even those who are perfectly happy with their lives still have this desire to be better.

Yoga teaches us Santosha (contentment), to find joy and happiness in this moment, knowing that you are enough and everything you have is enough. But yoga also teaches us Tapas (purification through discipline), to give your best, to push yourself to grow and transform.
BKS Iyengar said, “Life without Tapas is like a heart without love.”

Our purpose in life is to grow. Change is constant. Everything in the universe is moving towards growth or death, our lives especially. To think that we will remain exactly as we are is to deny this absolute truth. So we must change.

Yoga is a transformational path that leads us to bettering ourselves. This leads us to our mat daily, to our meditation, to deepening this connection, because only by first understanding who we are and where, can we find the direction that leads to transformation and personal growth.’

Dylan Werner is a Vinyasa yoga teacher that spends most of his time traveling, teaching workshops and classes all over the world. Dylan is an inversion and arm balance master and is regarded as one of the world leaders in yoga strength training and body weight movement.

You can find out more about Dylan by visiting his website, or by checking him on out on Instagram @dylanwerneryoga or on Facebook @DylanWernerYoga.

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  1. Sierra Taye says:

    The balance between tapas and santosha is a delicate one. One without the other is recipe for stagnation, but if you really look inward you can find the combination of the two that will bring your soul peace and harmony. I find that there is an ebb and flow, as I have not found the right balance yet.. sometimes I find myself all too content to remain where I am, and others, unsettled with my current place. In my practice I can find stillness and in the silence find what my heart needs to grow and flourish and transform. I bring that practice to my life off the mat, slowly and surely changing the core of my being into what it was always meant to be! Thanks for this discussion Liforme, and thanks for the tip to head over to your blog – I didn’t know you had one! I’ll be continuing the coversation over at IG – such bright minds contributing. Much love from @sierrataye !!

  2. Johanna Doyle says:

    Love this article – giving more context to the teachings behind the physical practice! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kate Matthews says:

    “Knowing that you are enough and that everything you have is enough” but also pushing yourself to “grow and transform”
    This perfectly describes the way I feel about yoga. It’s inspired me to get back on my yoga mat, so glad I read this article!

  4. LRPannitt says:

    Very interesting article!!

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