To follow on from our previous interview with the inimitable Ana Forrest (see Finding Balance: A Q&A with Ana Forrest Yoga if you missed part one), she returns with some great contributions from her other half, Jose Calarco.

Does music have a role in bringing balance to a yoga class? Is it part of a teacher’s role to use music evocatively?

No… and no. We’ve seen and experienced music being used in different ways in yoga. For example, music through an entire yoga class can be a distraction to students, which is why I don’t train Forrest Yoga teachers to teach to music. 

Jose and I use ancient, and Jose’s contemporary, music very specifically in our Ceremonies to penetrate where words do not reach, skillfully weaving First People’s ancient spiritual technology with our insights and healing skills. 

We are creating a new riverbed for Forrest Yoga and are the forerunners of growing yoga in a more meaningful way. Teachers need to experience what we are doing and soak our Good Medicine teachings into their bones. When a teacher develops this deep visceral wisdom, then they can bring it to their students in an authentic way.balance-forrest-yogaYou both have creative vocations that became successful careers. Do you have advice on how to balance the two?

We have been training all our lives for what we are now doing. We are using everything we have learned for our work now.

Our ‘creative vocations’ are weaving shining threads of beauty and purpose into the masterpiece of our career.

Our advice:
• Set your intent each morning
• Pray
• Daily action…i.e. answer emails, do yoga and your creative thing as a daily discipline, and
• Breathe deeply through all of it.

As partners that work together, how do you balance your personal and professional lives?

We moved heaven and earth to be together and work together. We are on tour more often than not. We love to commune with nature, do yoga, and sing. Jose sends out the seeds of the future daily through cyber space, in the email form.

Is the balance between work and play different now than when you were younger?

We are in work mode at present. Our efforts of the past are coming to fruition now. We have more to do today than we did in our youth. We have five new songs of the Spirit coming out on iTunes really soon! We send these songs to you on the wings of our love.balance-forrest-yogaTo find out more visit Forrest Yoga or check out @forrestyoga on Instagram.

Ana & Jose will be touring Australia in October, offering various insightful workshops – you can find more information about their upcoming events on their website.

Image credit: Eric Striffler

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