Get a Discount on Liforme Yoga Mats: The More You Buy, the More You Save

The Liforme Bundle Builder makes it easy to save on our yoga mats. Buy 2, 3, or 4 mats at the same time and your discount increases with each additional mat.

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We’re always looking for ways to get more mats to more people at a better price. If you like this idea (and who doesn’t like getting more for less?), you’re going to love our new Bundle Builder!

We’ve offered Bundles before, allowing you to save when purchasing combinations of our Original Liforme Yoga Mat, Travel Mat, and Yoga Pad. But, we thought, why place limits on which mats you can bundle? Maybe you want two Original mats (one for home and one for the studio), three Travel mats (for you and your retreat buddies), or an XL and a Pad (for your big and small yoga moments). The point is, however you want to bundle is A-OK with us, so we built a tool to make it fast and easy. That’s the Bundle Builder!

The Choice is Yours!

You can bundle 2 or 3 mats, you get an extra disocunt. When you order 2 mats, we take 5% off the combined cost. Buying 3 mats will save you 10%! You can mix and match any of the sizes we offer, any colours, both our etched and printed styles. You can buy yourself a Liforme mat in every size, you can get a gift for everyone on your list, you can go in with your mates; there are no limits on what you can do with this bundle of mats!

Surprise your sister, conspire with your co-workers, bless the babysitter!

Go big, go small, go crazy!

Update your old favourite, treat yourself to a new favourite, do your bestie a favour!

Save money, save the planet, save your sensitive knees and elbows!

One for you, one for your mom, one for your partner, and that’s your gift list, sorted!

How it works

  1. Click over to the Gift Set and Bundle Selector on
  2. Choose the number of mats in your Bundle, 2 or 3.
  3. Pick the size and design of your first mat.
  4. Do the same for each additional mat in your Bundle.
  5. See your savings and confirm your choices or go back and edit.
  6. Add to your bag. Your discount will be applied at checkout.
  7. Make as many Bundles as you like!

So go build some bundles, save some money, and make someone’s day with a Liforme Yoga Mat!

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