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Liforme at the Global Climate Strike

On Friday, September 20, 2019, Liforme participated in the Global Climate Strike in Central London.  

Inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg’s weekly School Strikes for Climate, the Global Climate Strike encouraged worldwide participation to send a clear message to our government leaders that the time for radical legislative action is now.

Together with our official charity partner, Friends of the Earth, we gathered with 100,000 of our closest friends at Westminster to say that climate change is real and we demand real solutions.

In addition to lending our support to this mass demonstration of the people’s voice in the climate discussion, Liforme is dedicated to running an environmentally ethical business that prioritises biodegradability and encourages eco-conscious choices.

It’s easy for businesses to say they are ‘green’ but many do not walk their own talk. Liforme is different. With our commitment to treading lightly, our partnerships with environmental non-profits, and your support, we can come together to affect change.

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