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Liforme Cares: Mental Health, Nature, Yoga, and Preserving our Planet

UK Mental Health Awareness Week is May 10-16, 2021. The theme of this year’s campaign, Nature, inspired this post. 

When you think of the top reasons why it’s crucial to act now to preserve our planet for future generations, your mind may go first to the existential threat of climate change. You may also think of protecting natural resources so that people will have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink or about how deforestation and changes in sea temperature are affecting habitats and decimating species every day. 

All of these threats are serious and pressing, but here’s one you may not have thought of: the loss of access to places to experience the natural world has significant implications on mental health. Nature, from the ancient woods, majestic mountains, tropical rainforests, and scenic coasts where the ocean touches land, to our own local parks and humble back gardens, recharges the human spirit. 

Being in nature helps put our struggles, real as they are, into perspective. Spending time outdoors reduces stress while inspiring creativity and the feeling of being connected. While travelling to a retreat or spending a weekend camping are wonderful for a big hit of nature, taking a daily walk in your neighbourhood or regular trip to a nearby park builds the healing power of nature into your lifestyle.  

Many of us have been more isolated and confined indoors while staying home during lockdowns. Our forays into nature have been lifesavers, raising our spirits and lowering our stress. As we return to more pre-pandemic activities, it’s important to maintain the connection with nature many of us have built during the last year.  

Liforme for all Life Forms 

The practise of yoga brings us toward a state of union. As we move on our mats, we are forging connections between mind and body and also between ourselves and the outside world. Yoga fosters a feeling of oneness, through which we begin to see all people as part of the same family. We expand our concept of community to include all living things and we realise our role in prioritising not only our own well-being but the health of the whole planet. When we are grounded in our practices, we are in tune with the Earth. 

As a yoga company, Liforme is strongly committed to the preservation of our planet. We make our mats from non-toxic and renewable resources, like natural rubber. We commissioned research to make sure our mats are fully biodegradable in landfill conditions, unlike PVC yoga mats that may release harmful chemicals during degradation or incineration. Our shipping protocol is completely plastic-free and carbon neutral. And our work with our charity partners, environmental advocates Friends of the Earth and Tree-Nation reforestation project, has already resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and the planting of over 150,000 trees.  

The threat to the natural World is a threat to every living thing’s physical and mental well-being. Let’s work together to make sure the beaches, trees, trails, and rivers we enjoy are around for the next generation.


Liv x

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