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Liforme Massively Good Sale

Just mention Black Friday and you’ll get a grimace from most advocates for conscious shopping, ourselves included, which puts us in an awkward position! Our small, independent business can’t afford to ignore the biggest sales period of the year, yet our eyes are fully open to the excesses it promotes.  

The problem of overconsumption isn’t going to be solved by doing away with holidays or sales. It’s going to take a large-scale rethinking of how we choose what to buy. An attitude of quantity over quality and an obsession with paying bottom-dollar has resulted in a market flooded with bad stuff.

At Liforme, we’re flipping the Black Friday script.  

  •  We’re making our eco-friendly yoga mats more accessible to more people by offering up to 20% off during this run-up to the holidays. 
  • We’re encouraging better buying habits by urging everyone to support ethical businesses when choosing gifts for loved ones. 
  •  We’re using this opportunity to give back 3% from each sale to the charity partner of your choice (Friends of the EarthYoga Gives Back and GLAAD)

That’s how to turn a big bad sale into a massively good sale. 

Part of the solution > Part of the problem

There’s nothing inherently wrong with shopping. Shopping is the research and legwork you do before you decide what to buy. When you choose things that are well-made, environmentally friendly, and excellently designed for their purpose, you elevate yourself, the recipient of your gift, and the companies you support.  

We’re always going to need some basic things and we still want to treat our friends and families to gifts that demonstrate how much we care. The solution is to buy better things, and fewer of them, which makes sense because things that are well designed and ethically made cost more.  

That usually doesn’t mean some cats at the top are getting fat. It means that innovative, creative thinkers have the means to work their magic, factory workers make a living wage, and we’re not decimating the environment with pollution along the way.  

We hope you’ll join the conscious shopping movement this holiday season by making a few exceptional purchases, whether for yourself or others, that beautifully fulfil their purpose, don’t harm the planet, bring joy to any yoga lover, benefits the charity partner of your choice, and come in a rectangular oblong box. Go get the best price of the year on yoga’s favourite mat and do some massive good. 

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