Music To Help You Find Your Yoga Vibe

DJ Sol Rising shares this uplifting playlist to help you find your Yoga rhythm.

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We all know that music can really help to lighten and lift our mood. Whenever you’re having a bad day, you can turn up your favourite song and all your problems just melt away. Well, we think yoga does that too, so in this sense yoga and music go hand in hand. As we know, many yogis like to sometimes have a musical soundtrack to their practice, even if there are of course those times where silence may be golden.

We’ve asked Sol Rising (aka Brandon) to share his favourite mood-boosting, light-filled tunes to get any yoga practice in full swing, or just to brighten up your day!

“1. Sol Rising – Float: One of my favourite tracks I’ve produced. Great for the build of a yoga class or the cool down section.

2. Sol Rising – Rise Up: Uplifting light hearted track, great for Sun Salutations or the peak section of a class. Vibey with energy.

3. Sol Rising – To the Sun: Another track I produced for Sun Salutations or the peak part of a class with the intention of being uplifting and energetic.

4. Houses – Soak it Up: I enjoy playing Soak it Up toward the end of the peak section of a yoga class. The lyrics Soak it Up are also a great mantra or affirmation.

5. Tycho – Awake: An absolute classic. Great track to lift the vibe and get people into their hearts.

6. Kygo – ID: I’ve always loved Kygo’s tropical style electronic music. Has a good amount of energy but a light vibe.

7. Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover: Another vibey electronic track. Love the guitar riff and ambient glitched vocals.

8. Faul Wad Ad and Pnau – Changes: Awesome house track with an uplifting message. Great hybrid track that can be played in a peak section of a yoga class or an epic dance set.

9. Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun: Classic sun salutation track which mixes light electronic beats and organic elements.”

DJ Sol Rising will be performing live at this year’s Asheville Yoga Festival, which we at Liforme are proud to be sponsoring! You can find out more about the festival as well as ticketing information by visiting their website:

Born in Vancouver BC, Sol Rising began meditating at age four with a walking mantra technique. His mother took him to visit numerous spiritual teachers, who inspired him on the spiritual path he walks today. As a teenager, he became a hip hop fanatic.

His rooted interest in hip hop led him to learning the art of scratching — using turntables as musical instruments. Sol Rising soon became one of America’s top scratch DJs, winning second place at the DMC, the world’s most prestigious DJ competition. Now a successful Producer/DJ, with over 5 albums released, Sol Rising plays major events across the United States, including Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Burning Man, Symbiosis and Lightning in a Bottle.

Find out more about Sol Rising by visiting his website or following him on Instagram @solrising

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