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Liforme’s Earth Day Message: Protect Earth’s Life Forms

Earth Day 2019 is focused on species protection. Extinction rates are skyrocketing, largely because of loss of habitats due to human incursion and climate change.

At Liforme, we believe that all life forms deserve to be happy and free from suffering. In keeping with our yogic values, we provide an environmentally ethical solution when it comes to choosing a mat. We also believe that yogis have a big role to play in elevating the awareness of the current ecological crisis, both right in our own yoga communities and beyond, spurring changes that will help preserve the health of our planet.

Liforme’s mats: Eco-friendly from the start

From the very beginning, Liforme has lived by our “planet-friendly” motto. By prioritising environmental impacts throughout our development process (not just as an afterthought or retrofit!) we have been able to offer superior yoga mats that are non-toxic and biodegradable, whilst also dramatically improving performance.

Our signature mat was conceived as a big improvement on the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mats that had dominated the yoga scene since the 1980s. Dissatisfied with the functionality of PVC (which lacks proper grip, stability, and cushioning), we were also justifiably concerned with the environmental impacts of polyvinyl chloride, both in term of manufacture and disposal. (Want to know more about the problems with PVC? We’ve got much, much more!)

These concerns sent us looking for new and more environmentally friendly materials. After many (so many!) experiments, we settled on a base layer of natural rubber, which is a renewable resource. For our top layer, we worked with materials engineers to produce a non-toxic, proprietary polyurethane. Both rubber and PU are highly biodegradable in landfill conditions, breaking down in one to five years. But, never fear, they will last a good long time for asana purposes when properly looked after.

We are also very mindful of the pollution catastrophe caused by excess packaging. The corrugated cardboard boxes we use for shipping are one of the most universally recyclable materials. We never use plastic in our packaging. The overuse of plastic and the resulting emissions from the plastics industry are major driving forces in climate change. Reducing plastic use and landfill waste are concrete ways to preserve habitats for all species.

Better Together

Instigating a yoga mat revolution is a worthy accomplishment, but we know that there is much more to be done to address our most pressing global environmental issues. That’s why we’re committed to raising awareness in the yoga community. As yoga becomes more and more widespread, we have a real opportunity to turn all yogis into environmentalists.

Yoga’s message of union naturally fosters a feeling of connection with the rest of the natural world. Our ethical precepts (as described in the Yoga Sutras) make it clear that to be a yogi is to take care of not only ourselves but of one another. The principle of ahimsa makes this clear: non-violence towards all life forms, great and small. Bringing people together for the common good is one of yoga’s superpower.We also want to reach out beyond the yoga community. By partnering with exceptional organisations doing important, difficult work, we can extend our impact and allow everyone who supports Liforme to do the same. That’s why we’re proud to support Friends of the Earth in their efforts to motivate people toward change and promote legislative solutions targeting critical issues like plastic pollution, species protection, and climate change.

Friends of the Earth’s Climate Action Plan exemplifies their approach, laying out specific solutions via governmental interventions and personal accountability. If you’ve ever felt unsure what to do in the face of such a monumental crisis, they have answers. Businesses, non-profits, governments, and individuals all have integral roles to play in the preserving planet Earth for all its inhabitants. Let’s do our parts.


Liv x

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