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Self-Love: A Yogini’s Journey to Finding the Greatest Gift of All

We all practice yoga for different reasons. For Eleonora Zampatti leaving an abusive relationship and coming to the mat gave her the strength and confidence to find the greatest gift of all: self-love. Eleonora has generously shared her inspirational story with us.

“For years, I lived trapped in an abusive relationship.

Over time, my abuser isolated me, destroyed my self-esteem, and controlled every aspect of my life.

I was living trying to be ‘enough’, to be somebody else to please others, and because of that I struggled with eating disorders and depression, manifesting through severe panic attacks that were dictating my life and forcing me to always ask for help, making me feel powerless and inadequate.

I was constantly doubting myself, hating my weakness and the way I looked.

The more I tried to be strong, the more I was falling apart. Not knowing anymore how to love myself, and feeling too little and fragile for this world.

Then I started to practice yoga, and something suddenly shifted inside of me.

In silence, I discovered the primordial rhythm of my heartbeat and in an instant I embraced my vulnerability, my fragility, my infinite feminine power.

Through the yoga practice I was blessed with the best gift I could ever ask for: self-love.

I discovered the courage that lies in surviving, the force that shines in my core, the fierce fire that comes from accepting who you are deep down in the scariest place of your soul.

There I found the key to existence: being ‘little’, ‘alone’, ‘emotional’, or ‘not enough’ was not my weakness, but my strength.

That’s how yoga changed my life, moving from a place of fear into a place of light; grounding me, allowing me to see the reflection of my soul in every pose I ever embrace on my mat allowing me to realise that beauty has nothing to do with the size of my hips and all to do with the depth of my soul.

Every day I now make my mat a safe place where I can set my foundations, built with no shame on all the broken pieces of who I really am, and not on who I should be to please others. Yoga taught me the desire to be the best I can be, with love and compassion for all that I am, using my body to discover my full potential.

I understood that my strength is not measured by the impact that all the hardships in my life have had on me, but instead is measured by the extent of my refusal to allow those events dictate my present and future.

Through the yoga practice I was blessed with the best gift I could ever ask for: self-love.

I learned to love and accept my vulnerability and I reclaimed my life, but more than everything I learned how to wake up every morning and fall in love with myself over, and over again.”

Eleonora, is a native of Milan, Italy. Her wide range of teaching abilities include Pilates, yoga, dance and strength training. After years working in Manhattan and Brooklyn she is now a full-time yoga teacher in Monmouth County, NJ. Using her passion for yoga and music she created a series of fundraising events called Ode to the Moon: a unique yoga practice to raise awareness of domestic violence and is now also leading the art project, Breaking Open, using yoga, art and music to empower victims of abuse. You can find out more about Eleonora by visiting her on Instagram @eleonorazampatti.

Photo credit: Aaron Santoro

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