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Now We Work From Home (And You’re Doing a Great Job)

Working from home is the new normal due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how to stay motivated and productive when the world’s turned upside down.

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Ode to Joy: 9 Simple Ways to Be More Joyful Every Day

Making joy a priority leads to a greater sense of contentment. Here are 9 ways to bring more joy and happiness to your life, feeling positive and fulfilled.

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Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth isn’t just a social-media-friendly trend. It’s rooted in yoga precepts dating back to the third century. Here's how to live your Satya.  

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Yoga Wants You! 5 Step Plan to Get Yoga Into Your Life

If you’re yoga curious, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 5 tips to get you through the door so you can start doing yoga now.

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What’s in a Bottle? Real Talk About Bottled Water

Our look at the ethics of bottled water, from manufacture to disposal, helps you make a more informed choice next time you get thirsty. Part of our mission is to...

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4 Totally Doable Household Eco Tips for Yogis

Living a yoga lifestyle includes caring for our planet. These 4 tips are easy to implement and conserve resources and money.

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Yoga, the Earth, Patanjali, and You

You may think of yoga as inward-focused, but it’s also about connecting to the outside world. That's why yoga and environmentalism go hand in hand.

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How (and Why) to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

Mindfulness is a practice that can help you introduce meditative moments into your everyday life. We’ll teach you how to give it a try!

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Travel Tips: How to Take Yoga on the Road

Tips on how to take your Yoga with you when you travel by practising on your own or taking local classes at your destination.

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Sri Dharma Mittra: Experiencing the Light

We asked Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra an important question. Here is his answer. The post Sri Dharma Mittra: Experiencing the Light appeared first on .

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Embracing Transformation on Your Mat and Beyond

Change is scary for many people but it doesn’t have to be. Doing yoga gives you a framework for accepting the nature of transformation on and off your mat.

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