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The Liforme Blue Sky Rainbow Mat: Bright Horizons Ahead

The clouds are breaking up
Things are looking up
Look up
Blue sky above
Cradles you
The sun is coming out
A rainbow curve
Holds you
It’s a new world
It’s a new day
The Earth turns
We’re gonna be ok
The dark cloud we’ve been living under is finally lifting and we’re getting a much-needed injection of hope. As you turn your face toward the light, open your heart, and prepare to move into brighter times, the Liforme Blue Sky Rainbow Yoga Mat matches your mood. 

Bursting the Bubble

Human nature, undoubtedly as a relic from the early days of our species, urges people to reach out to each other, thrive in community, form relationships, give hugs, and gather around the water cooler (the erstwhile watering hole) to tell stories and make connections. During the global pandemic, the part of our nature that wants to be social, to have physical contact and be in proximity to others, has been denied. Instead, we’ve had to draw inward, narrow our scopes, and live in a protective bubble. Unable to move through the world with hearts open and arms outstretched, we’ve been hunched over with our heads down, cutting ourselves off from other people.

Now that the light is breaking through, we can start lifting our gazes, uncurling our spines, and rolling our shoulders back. Although we still have challenges to face, we are beginning to reengage more fully with our world.


Look to the Future, Look to the Past

A rainbow emerges from the conjunction of darkness and light. We can’t experience its beauty without the clouds that precede it and the brightness that follows. Although it’s tempting to walk away from this traumatic period without a backward glance, we must take the lessons of our recent past into the future as we begin to repair society and heal our planet.

Unity over division. Action over apathy. Progress over stasis. Community over isolationism. We have seen what can happen when we put these principles into practice. Let them carry us forward as humankind takes the necessary steps towards equality for all people and solutions to our climate crisis. 

Blue Sky Rainbow

Liforme’s Blue Sky Rainbow Yoga Mat brings together our classic eco-friendly Polyurethane and natural rubber mat with our AlignForMe guide printed in seven vibrant, non-toxic, durable colours. The central mandala combines lotus motifs, rainbows, petals, and buds to create a visual representation of the cycles of light and darkness, new and mature growth. Liforme mats’ smooth, supportive, grippy surfaces are always a joy to practice on. Our rainbows embody this unique moment in time, when the clouds are lifting and the blue sky is beginning to shine through.

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