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White Magic: The New Way to Make Magic on Your Yoga Mat

Introducing Liforme’s White Magic Yoga Mat, designed in collaboration with international yoga teacher Kino MacGregor. In honour of White Magic’s connection with nature, we are donating 5% of sales of the White Magic Mat to support the environmental conservation efforts of our Official Charity Partner Friends of the Earth. 

White magic is a force of goodness, of nature, of the continuous cycle of rebirth. Of new beginnings, growth, and perpetual transformation. It’s Earth magic, primal, powerful, innate. It’s trusting your gut, listening to your body, and tapping into the natural flow of life.

It’s leaving behind the technology and the anxiety. It’s living in your body instead of your head. It’s putting down your phone and stepping onto your mat to strip away what’s inessential and find joy in simply moving. 

It’s the feeling inside that tells you that magical rectangle demarcates a special place. A place to experiment, to expand, to change. A place to fail and to overcome, a place to uncover your most authentic self. A place where the magic happens.

Earth Magic

Liforme’s ‘White Magic’ Yoga Mat is designed to help create a link between nature, yoga, and you.

A place to get to the heart of the matter, to feel the beating of your pulse, to sense the tidal pull of the rhythm of your breath. To remember that you are an animal and animals have instincts. They know when to hibernate and when to lie in the sun. When to shed a layer and when to migrate. When you tune in, you know these things too.

When we reconnect to source, we remember that we are all made from the same stuff. Everything on Earth: people, animals, plants, are all a part of the same organism. When some of this organism suffers, we all suffer. When we practice ahimsa, it’s not just others we refrain from harming, it’s ourselves. When we practice asteya, it’s not just that we’re not stealing from others, we’re also not stealing the Earth’s precious resources from ourselves.

We’ve Got the Power

White Magic affirms the goodness in the world. Each moment of effort, of attention, of practice on your mat adds up to something much bigger. It’s a place for the practice of gratitude, for counting our blessings, and for paying them forward.

Individually, it’s these cumulative moments that effect change, that turn the tides, that make the impossible possible. Globally, it’s these cumulative moments that effect change, that turn the tides, that make the impossible possible.

Humans are not separate from nature. We are part of the ecosystems on this planet. Human activities have fueled our current environmental crisis and human intervention is necessary to mitigate its devastating effects. It’s not up to someone else to fix it, it’s up to us.

The actions of every person create a confluence with enough energy to enact radical transformation, both individually and globally. That’s the power of White Magic.

White Magic Yoga Mat

Your yoga mat is the place where all this magic happens. So we made an extra magical mat. Liforme’s White Magic Mat features a creamy-white surface with an embellished version our original unique alignment guide printed in metallic gold with our new durable, non-toxic, eco-friendly ink. As always, Liforme mats provide the ultimate grip for your practice and keep you safely aligned so you can drop into the yoga mindset without any distractions.

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