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Happy New Year’s Yoga (New Year Not Required)

Look. We know that the first of January is a completely arbitrary date to talk about new beginnings. Why should your psyche be restrained by the Gregorian calendar? Why don’t we talk about starting new things in the spring, when nature is reborn, or in the autumn, when the ingrained habit of going back-to-school kicks in? (Full disclosure, we do talk about new beginnings at those times, which actually leads in nicely to our next point.) Any time can be a good time to start a new path, to finally put pencil to paper, or, in the case of yoga practice, foot to mat.

If the new year inspires you to make changes, to do things that are scary or seem radical, then, by all means go with that impulse. But also recognise that every single day of the year offers exactly the same opportunity.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life…

Although the pressure to make resolutions at the start of a new year is overdone, it can be a convenient time to take stock and prioritise. Just don’t be misled into thinking it’s the only or even the best time to do it; that if you don’t make resolutions or if you don’t stick to them that you have missed your window for change.

Because the truth is that every month, every day, and even every minute brings the same chance for reinvention and new beginnings. There doesn’t have to be a big build-up or a dramatic event or a social media post. One minute you are one thing and the next minute, something else. Recognising that gives you the power to transform at will and to have an experience in the present moment rather than in the expectation that it will bring you some future gain.

(Is Every Day)

If you’ve done yoga before, then you already know that our practice fosters this way of thinking. The ritual of stepping onto your mat creates the time and space for continual renewal. We’re not saying that magic happens every time, but with consistent practice, the cumulative effect is magical. All you have to do is take that step again and again. It can be difficult if you’ve never done it before, but what’s stopping you? Everyone who does yoga has stood where you now stand. The difference between not doing something and doing it is just one second. One tiny sliver of time. Of all the 31,536,000 seconds in a year, just pick one. It doesn’t have to be the first one. They’re all the same.

Maybe you’ve done yoga before but fell out of the habit. Maybe you didn’t find the right yoga so you gave up. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try yoga for a long time but something (fear of the unknown?) has held you back. Whatever your story, whatever your reasons, now is the right time to do this thing for yourself, whenever now happens to be.

Happy New Yoga!

If you spend January first nursing a hangover, January second watching Netflix, and January third feeling bad about it, you haven’t missed your chance. Yoga has been here a long time and isn’t going anywhere. Find your way to a mat at any time. If it doesn’t stick, try, try again. We’ve felt first hand the amazing power of yoga and we want you to feel it too. So happy new yoga to you, whenever you arrive.


Liv x

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