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Your Vote Is Your Voice

Climate change. Human rights. Social Justice. Racism. Health care.
It’s all on the ballot.

Top Tip: Vote!

There are a lot of lists on the internet called things like “7 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet” and “5 Ways to Change Climate Change” (we’ve even written a few of them ourselves) that offer lifestyle tips and clever ideas for what each person can do to change the world. These suggestions have their value. They help us realise that we’re all a part of something bigger and that we should each do our part. But top of the list every time should be this big tip: VOTE!

When you are given the opportunity to have a say, to create a movement, to directly influence what happens in government, you have to take it every time. Change won’t happen when people are passionate about recycling but apathetic about civic participation. Even though every petition, every march, and every LED light bulb helps, the biggest changes have to happen at the systemic levels and those systems are changed by governments.  

Your Vote Matters

When people can’t see the changes they want to happen in real time, they tend to think that their votes don’t matter. They may stop participating. This is exactly what the enemies of change want to happen. They are counting on it. Don’t give away your power. When more people vote, our governments more accurately reflect the will of the people. Policies don’t necessarily change over night but we can move them little by little in the right direction.

If you care about climate, about human rights, about social justice, about racism, about health care, you have to put your vote where your mouth is. Your vote is your voice, it’s the best and most effective way to effect change. When you get the opportunity to cast your ballot, you have to use it.

Vote for the change you want to see in the world. It’s election time. Let’s do this.

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