Dharma Yoga: Online

  • Experience: Intermediate
  • When: Tuesdays - Thursdays - Saturdays - Sundays
  • Time: 9:30 GMT
  • Duration: 1 hour +
  • Price: £19 for 3 weeks unlimited!


In each Dharma Yoga class, we explore the range of variations in postures that can be found in many styles of yoga, as well as many that may be new to your practice.

Dharma Yoga gives you the ease and confidence to explore your body's strength, and range of motion, helping you take variations that suit your needs each day.

Dharma yoga emphasises the need for balance in activity, rest, and meditation, so these 90-minute sessions incorporate (strong) postures, deep relaxation, yoga philosophy, and breathing practices - making this a complete yoga practice.

At Soul Fire Studios. we have a range of Dharma Yoga classes and two Registered Dharma Yoga Teachers. Anne Marie has been studying with Sri Dharma Mittra since 2015, and has completed her 500 & 800hr teacher trainings with him. Gosia completed her 500hr teacher training in NYC in 2019. Both teachers offer 90-minute complete practice sessions each week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) as well as Dharma Yoga Wheel classes.

The Dharma Yoga Wheel was invented by Sri Dharma Mittra, and is a valuable tool for yogis worldwide for opening the back and entire body to explore deeper postures with safety and awareness.

At Soul Fire Studios, we offer Dharma Wheel Stretch (a therapeutic use of the Wheel) and Dharma Wheel Strength (and active use of the Wheel) - 60 minute classes that enhance your regular daily practices.

Sri Dharma Mittra (the namesake of Dharma Yoga) is a living Yogi who embodies the wisdom of the ages. He continues to teach and devote his life to serving others, and sharing the Self knowledge needed to life a life of happiness, peace, and fulfilment each day.

As we embark upon new life changes, it is more important than ever to come home to our innermost Self, and build a relationship there that will carry us through the events of this life.

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