Handstand to Press (online)

  • Experience: Intermediate
  • When: Every Tuesday
  • Time: 6 pm BST
  • Duration: 1 hour +
  • Price: £10 GBP


This class is aimed to those who are curious or are still struggling to press to handstand. It will be a combination of theory and practice.

You don’t necessarily have to be able to hold a free handstand but at least 30-45 seconds against the wall.

Not suitable for absolute beginners.

In this 75 mins class Alex will cover:

Breaking down the press from wrist prep

Shoulder mobility (extension/flexion strengthening while loaded

Hip mobility and compression

The difference between half straddle, full straddle and the spine roll, and how to use the wall more efficiently.

With each class Alex's goal is to guide participants through improving their body awareness, flexibility and strength to equip them for the years to come with a greater range of motion and strong resilient bodies.

Each of Alex's classes address the important balance between strength & flexibility, to prepare the body to move better for longevity and reduce risk of injury in all types of movement practice.

Progressions/ regressions are taught to suit intermediates/ advanced.

Alex utilises everything a human already has to develop strength and flexibility, he will show attendees how to use the mind, breath and body in ways aligned to natural movement, no machines or weights.
Workshops are engaging and challenging, people are pushed out of their comfort zones and are often confronted by physicals limitations caused by lifestyle choices or incorrect technique, from the office worker to weightlifters Alex's method is for everyone.

Also available are:
Backbends/ spine awareness - Saturdays at 10am
Free stretch class - Sundays 8.45am on Instagram
Handstands with shoulder mobility - Sundays 10am
Handstands with hip mobility - Wednesdays 6pm

Born in Colombia, S America, Alex's love of movement began with the great outdoors. He has been coaching professionally for over 10 years in the UK, and now worldwide.
Through his own personal fitness and wellness journey he has studied and been guided by many exceptional practitioners from a wide range of disciplines including Ido Portal, Coach Sommer and Miguel Santana.
Alex gets results through his simple and quality focussed approach, and by instilling confidence and self belief in his clients with his extensive knowledge and coaching skills.

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