Jai Vinyasa Yoga: Online

  • Experience: All Levels
  • When: Every Monday
  • Time: 9am KST
  • Duration: Up to 60mins
  • Price: Free


JAI opened its doors to modern people who live a busy lifestyle. We propose a most effective program for you to have a healthy body, a clear mind and a relaxed inner state  - so called ‘ Yoga + Meditation + Healthy Lifestyle’.

For the last 18 years, we have been focusing on teaching professional yoga and meditation classes at our studios based in Seoul, Korea. Today, with the opening of the JAI Online LIVE project, one can be apart of our yoga and meditation classes online, in real time, anywhere. 

JAI has brought Vinyasa yoga to Korea and it has become our signature program.  Unlike gentle and static movements, Vinyasa yoga, known as ‘moving meditation’, is a dynamic flow of movements in which one flows with breath and music.

Flexibility, muscular strength, and resilience improve as a result. Teaching topics vary on class and are led in such a way that one gets to integrate body and mind in practice.

Together with intelligent alignment principles and breathing techniques, this yoga practice is guaranteed to be impactful and safe.

※ All open classes are led in Korean

Please see Jai Yoga+Meditation's meditation class also if you are interested.

Body scan meditation is a completely relaxing and healing experience for a tired body and mind.

The program was developed to help modern people exercise the mind, keep a good mood while reducing accumulated stress, and improve concentration. Meditating on a daily basis heals one’s body and mind, as well as maintains emotional equilibrium and finds balance for the mind. 

Through paying attention to parts of the body, tighten and release techniques, and compassion meditation, one is able to release tension and restore relaxation into the body and mind to make you feel fresh again.

This mind exercise trains one’s body to stay aware and learn to relax - a natural treatment for insomnia and stress accumulation.

※ All open classes are led in Korean

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