Yogi Brian's Dharma Yoga Class: Online

Yogi Brian's Dharma Yoga Class: Online
Transform your life. Transform your health. Experience true freedom. Online Dharma Yoga with Yogi Brian
Posted on: 10th March 2020

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    Transform your life. Transform your health.
    Experience true freedom.

    *All Classes are currently being held online via Zoom with Yogi Brian. Please sign into Class by Monday @ 7:00 Pm. A link to join the Zoom Class will be emailed directly to you.

    Appropriate for students of all levels, from beginners to life long practitioners. Yogi Brian invites you to join his Yoga family.

    Learn the fundamentals of Dharma Yoga. A simple yet powerful series of Postures, Breathing Exercises, Deep Relaxation and Meditation.

    Rejuvenating, relaxing and very friendly. Learn how to breathe, move and FEEL GREAT in your own body. With Brian's clear instruction you will release tension and restore comfort and vitality to your whole body. Balance and renew. Presented with care and sensitivity in a warm and inviting environment, Yogi Brian offers permanent solutions to back pain, joint problems and other injuries.

    A classical vinyasa and asana sequence of balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted variations will be taught. You will be shown how to establish proper placement, alignment and the deep spiritual intention behind each pose.

    Dharma Yoga at Yogi Brian's is geared towards the needs of the individual and customized to each student's level of experience. Yogi Brian meets each student where they are according to their condition and gives direction towards the real true goal of Yoga. Personal attention and pose modifications are always generously offered.

    Self-realization is the essence of Dharma Yoga.

    Be ready for an amazingly graceful, challenging practice steeped in the classical yoga tradition.

    Yogi Brian will help you "quiet the restless mind so you can experience the peace and contentment that is present within you."

    Yogi Brian's studio is a safe place to transcend and discover yourself... calm your mind and experience the deepest levels of your being.

    Safe, complete and appropriate for beginners and all skill levels. Accessible, compassionate and empowering. The best way to end your day!

    Want to take part in Brian's live classes? Click the link below to get started!  

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