Anusara Yoga Retreat To Bali

  • Type: Retreat
  • Location: Near Ubud, Bali
  • Dates: Apr 22, 2023 - Apr 28, 2023
  • Time:
  • Host: Sarah Powell
  • Price: £1500


Six days away at the "Light Up Your Lakshmi" retreat will rekindle your flame, regain your centre and reclaim your energy. After a week away on the "Island of the Gods" you will be ready to step back to your beautiful, crazy, unpredictable life with both more vigour and grace!

This very spiritual island provides the perfect, peaceful back drop for you to take time away to rekindle & refresh yourself. A week provides the luxury of time to dive deeper into the essence of yoga, and truly listen a-while to your soul. You will draw energy and inspiration from my myth and story telling of Lakshmi and her divine light, enabling you to shine brighter in life!

Explore and deepen your yoga practice with daily Anusara® Yoga, pranayama and meditation, and feed your body with nutritious organic, vegetarian food all freshly made at Basundari.

Through our daily Anusara® yoga practice, together we will listen to stories and hear of the aspects of Lakshmi and her tejase (divine sparkle). Hear how these ancient myths are not just dusty, old stories but messages that are directly relatable to YOUR life story. We will take time to both nuture your flame, and also find the courage to buff it up and shine it out with more courage and conviction!

We will delve into 2 inspiring yoga practices most days - an energising practice in the morning before breakfast, and a restorative & meditative, nourishing practice in the evening as the sun goes down.

There will also be (optional) early morning meditations and an evening yoga nidra to truly find a place of inner, silence and stillness and the best nights sleep ever!

Join me and re-kindle your flame!

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