Iceland Yoga Retreat

  • Type: Retreat
  • Location: , Iceland
  • Dates: Oct 08, 2023 - Oct 16, 2023
  • Time:
  • Host: Yoga & Adventures Worldwide
  • Price: 4755Euros


Our unique yoga retreat in Iceland…it’s difficult to describe the overwhelming beauty of this incredible landscape that is this beautiful country. Each vista offers a new trick for the senses, a spark for the creative, and a thrill for the adventurer. We will explore this vibrant land as a moving retreat in order to see some of the incredible features of this unique country (and to spend less time tracking back and forth in the car!).

Our Yoga retreat in Iceland will take you to the famous Blue Lagoon for some pampering time in the waters, along the Golden Circle route with a foodies dream to sample local cuisine and what Icelandic Farm-to-table life is about. We will visit the famous Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir along the way. We will have a free day to explore the adorable city of Reykjavik to check out how Icelanders live and express themselves, we’ll travel to the Black Beach, take a hike on the Vatnajökull Glacier to witness its beauty and learn of its power and we will of course keep our fingers crossed that the Icelandic Trolls and Elves help us to catch a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights at least one night!

This yoga retreat is unique for us as we will be moving to explore deeper into the culture and the country and to allow us a more relaxed schedule and less car time backtracking around the island. For this we ask that you pack light and are up for a true adventure that only a special place like Iceland can provide. Check over our Travel Tips Guide for more on this form of travel.

Our trip to Iceland is quite extraordinary and we hope you’ll join us on the trip of a lifetime to this incredible land of Fire & Ice.

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