Blue Jasmin Yoga Retreat

Blue Jasmin Yoga Retreat0
Blue Jasmin Yoga Retreat1Blue Jasmin Yoga Retreat2
Koh Samui, Thailand
Mar 28, 2020 - Apr 04, 2020
Brook Hopper & Krystal Pearson
From $1700 USD


Why EVOLution and Why LOVE?

Love starts with you. With how you feel in your body & how your feel in your heart. To be more compassionate with yourself & to listen to your body.

And then it expands. EVOLution. Love yourself & you will experience more connection with others. Love the dark & the light. Connect to your heart’s longing & what matters most. Once you have found this connection, surrender to the unfolding path!

Our goal is to inspire you to dive deeper into your soul & what you desire to share with this world. What brings you joy? What makes you feel alive?

Traveling gets us out of our comfort zone, allows us to experience more presence, connection, freedom & have a fresh perspective. Traveling also cultivates healing & curiosity. We will incorporate yoga, meditation & play into our retreats, while savoring nature’s beauty, nourishing our bodies with food full of vitality & allowing ourselves time to relax & renew.

What's included:


Yoga 2 x daily (Vinyasa/ Kundalini/ Ashtanga/ ACROVINYASA)

Meditation/ Kirtan/ Pranayama

Aromatherapy (essential oils)

Yoga mat, block, cushion, strap, seat pad & bolster to use while at Vikasa

Thai Massage (one hour)

Tour to Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Temple Tour

Healthy brunch & dinner served buffet style daily (Brunch 9:30-11:30am/ Dinner 6:30-8:30pm)

Transport to Vikasa from airport in Koh Samui

Special gifts from your retreat hosts!

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