Signature Yoga Mats

The original ground-breaking Liforme Yoga Mats feature our incredible GripForMe® material, which is truly planet friendly.

The family of Liforme Yoga Mats has now expanded, but our first mat still has all the characteristics you'd expect from a Liforme mat. It incorporates our unique alignment system and is available in a range of colours.

Liforme yoga mat - olive

-20% OFF £88.00 £110.00

Liforme yoga mat - green

-20% OFF £88.00 £110.00

Liforme travel mat - olive

-10% OFF £81.00 £90.00

Liforme travel mat - green

-10% OFF £81.00 £90.00

Liforme yoga and travel mat bundle

-10% OFF £152.00 £169.00

Liforme yoga mat and yoga pad bundle

-10% OFF £111.00 £124.00

Liforme yoga pad - green

-20% OFF £36.00 £45.00

Liforme yoga pad - olive

-20% OFF £36.00 £45.00

A pioneering Yoga Mat

When we first launched in 2008, there was no other Yoga mat on the market like our Signature product. The result of four years research by our founder, it transformed the industry. Often copied, but never bettered, it is the basis of an entire range.