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Havana, Cuba
Nov 12, 2019 - Nov 17, 2019
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We have our finger on the pulse of this town and are thrilled to show you the moves. Don’t miss this incredible art experience in Cuba!

Historically when any policy changes have been made towards Cuba travel, the US government has honored travel by any American who has already made payments toward their trip as a way to ‘set the wheels of your Cuba trip in motion’. US Airlines are flying to the island daily both direct and with layovers.

IF anything is different and travel is banned we will refund your deposit in full, but this should not be the case. Please be brave and join us for these epic adventures to Cuba to SUPPORT THE CUBAN PEOPLE! They need it now more than ever…

Our Yoga + Art Retreat is a new creative retreat collaboration taking place in Havana, Cuba with inspirational women who have been friends and travel companions around the globe.

Together we will step back to an era of luxurious mansions and colorful vintage automobiles, with the distinctive clave and timbale rhythms putting a swing in your every step. And yet, for all of its faded retro charm, Cuba has a decidedly youthful, modern face as well, with über hip art galleries and restaurants.

We invite you to join us in this fascinating island country, where we will open ourselves up to a simpler and more joyful way of life, one where self-expression and real connections are embraced, and WiFi hotspots are few and far between. We will stay in a beautifully restored Casa Particular to fully immerse ourselves in the local culture.

Most mornings begin with a yoga practice to wake up the body and start with a fresh mental canvas. You’ll need a fresh canvas because Havana will paint your soul, and all of your senses, with colors you’ve never imagined. Cuba is a photographer’s dream, and we will help you find the manual settings on your camera so you can capture its charm.

We will sample the local salsa dance scene, visit a working artist’s atelier, explore art galleries and museums, and visit the paths taken by the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway during his stint in the country. A photography session is included, and a beach clean-up adventure will ensure that we leave behind only footprints and echoes of laughter.

For those of you looking to delve a bit deeper into the art world, we will guide you through galleries and museums featuring famous Cuban artists, some of whom we will have the pleasure of getting to know on our trip. This is the perfect way to find that special piece that speaks to you and have the experience and the story of sharing how you acquired a unique work of Cuban art.

No artistic experience is necessary, just a willingness to explore the world, unplug from the daily hustle, and open yourself up to the inspiration that can be found in nature, culture, and community. Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat and a sketchbook to record your memories of the week. There is also plenty of unscripted time for you to explore on your own, or with new friends.


– 5 nights accommodations in our own Casa Particular

– Daily optional yoga classes

– Breakfast daily and 3 dinners together as a group

– Donation offerings for families and working artists

– Photography session with local photographer

– Museo de Bella Artes visit & local gallery tours

– Painting workshop

– Salsa Dancing class at local dance school

– Beach day on a gorgeous deserted beach

– Hemingway excursion to the fishing village where he wrote, his home, and his haunts in Havana

– Classic Car ride along the Malecon

– Night out to the hippest gallery and performance space in town, Fabrica de Arte Cubano

– Roundtrip airport transfers from Havana International Airport on scheduled retreat days

Direct flights into Havana are available from several airports in the USA as well as most hubs abroad. Health insurance and a tourist visa is required by Cuba to enter the country and is available with the airline directly. Please let us know if you have any questions about travel details.


Casa Particulares are private homes that rent out a few rooms to travelers.  Staying in a Cuban home is an incredible way to get a real taste of the culture and to experience this Caribbean lifestyle. Our homes for the retreat are particularly charming and hosted by amazing families. Each house we choose is unique and we are sure you’ll love the experience of staying in a Cuban home!

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