Harmonise Yoga Retreat

Harmonise Yoga Retreat0
Harmonise Yoga Retreat1Harmonise Yoga Retreat2
The Comb, Northumberland, United Kingdom
Oct 25, 2019 - Oct 27, 2019
Lena Johnson
£495 GBP


Nowadays, terms like “Self-care”, “Mindfulness” and “Hygge” have become commonplace in our modern culture as people yearn for simpler times. This nostalgia is a wonderful catalyst for positive change as it draws our focus away from glamorising “busyness” (and potentially burnout) to a presence that will cultivate healthy longevity.

However, how do we embody this? Furthermore, how do we move between seasons? So much emphasis is placed on the height of these phases: from basking in the warmth of the summer sun or stiffening against the harshness of the winter freeze. How would it feel to prepare for the season ahead during the transitional period and celebrate it’s energetic shift? Hence, preventing physical or mental illness associated with the change?

Our autumnal retreat will be a unique offering to prepare ourselves for the challenges and hibernation of the darker months. A blessed time for rest, recuperation and inner knowing. Drawing on elements of TCM, Ayurvedic Practices and the healing power of nature, we will spend time nourishing our bodies, supporting our immune systems and learning seasonal self care techniques. You will be encouraged to slow down and create some much needed space away from the demands of daily life.

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