Heart Evolution Yoga Retreat

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Koh Samui, Thailand
Feb 10, 2020 - Feb 16, 2020
Tara Chirimar
From $1,295 USD


This is a vinyasa flow yoga based retreat, with special classes combining yin yoga, massage, and yoga nidra to deeply relax and immerse in stillness.

Whether you are just starting yoga, or are a seasoned practitioner this retreat is for you. For you to take a big leap into your journey of inner transformation. Of moving out of the fallible mind, and into the blissful heart. The time is now.

Each day you will be guided through an exploration of yoga and meditation practices that encourage you to find greater inner peace and fulfillment, leaving you with a transformation that will show to be meaningful in your life in greater ways.

Immerse yourself in daily yoga and meditation on an idyllic location in an intimate group setting (5-15 participants). Relax by the infinity pool or private beach. Enjoy endless see views pervading you with aliveness. Discover hidden meditation hideaways. Nourish your body with healthy soul food. Discover the beauty of life as you dive into that which lies within the deepest of your heart to unfold into this world.

What's included:

2-hour daily Morning Vinyasa Yoga Class and Meditation: Start your day weaving through a yoga flow, letting life energy balance for the day

2-hour daily Evening Yoga Class and Meditation: End your day with a relaxing Hatha Yoga / Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidra class

One Yin Yoga Thai Massage partner workshop

One Special Class TBA!

One massage at the Bliss Spa Daily brunch buffet & dinner

6 nights’ accommodation

Inner evolution

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