Just Breathe - A Luxury Self-love Retreat

Just Breathe - A Luxury Self-love Retreat0
Just Breathe - A Luxury Self-love Retreat1Just Breathe - A Luxury Self-love Retreat2
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Oct 24, 2019 - Oct 26, 2019
Laura Helene Kopinski
$1,230 USD


This retreat is all about coming back to yourself, re-harmonizing and connecting with and rekindling your authentic, powerful, natural spirit. And we promise lots of laughter and fun!

You’ll embrace new skills and ways of thinking, but you’ll also learn to surrender those thoughts and traits that are no longer servicing your overall well-being. This retreat is designed to help you connect with your inner teacher, power, passion and purpose through yoga, detox, meditation, and chakra healing. You’ll come away feeling revitalized, and most importantly—powerful.

What will be offered:
- Introduction to Self-Love
- Therapeutic Yoga and restorative yoga with breathtaking views and surroundings. These session takes place outdoors.
- Deepening Self-Love: Finding Your Inner Peace. Be guided to a gentle awareness of the beauty that you are. Let go of old limiting stories, open up to new empowerment truths.
- Meditation: Connect more deeply with your Soul through relaxing meditation. Learn various techniques to go within. You will guide you during this meditative session, enabling you to gain deep peace here and now.
- Chakra Balancing: You will be guided through gentle breath work and chakra meditation. Deeply relaxing and grounding, reconnect with your higher self and innate wisdom by tuning up your chakra system.
- 1 Private one on one coaching session
- 1 Private Chakra reading, identifying your blockage
- 1 Private Energy Reiki healing
- 1 Session of Body Assessment by the Park Hyatt Lifestyle Manager

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