Morocco Soul Retreat

Morocco Soul Retreat0
Morocco Soul Retreat1Morocco Soul Retreat2
Marrakesh, Morocco
Sep 06, 2020 - Sep 12, 2020
Laura Helene Kopinski
$1,500 USD


A land full of dessert sand, magical and creative art and music, delicious ethnic foods, and exotic sights….

Hit pause on your life and rejuvenate with a 1 week women only wellness retreat. Leave behind the stresses of every day life and immerse yourself in the company of other like-minded women who will help you feel nurtured from the inside out. You’ll find your tribe among the women you meet, and find yourself along the way, too. This self discovery journey will help you work on the main issues, all women have, you will see that you are not alone in this path. It will bring you the missed feeling of being seen, heard, understood and accepted with your truth.

This Soul Retreat features healing sessions, circle talks, guided meditations, refreshing yoga sessions, traditional Moroccan treatments, a hike to the atlas mountains and of course a delicious cooking class!

You will have time alone for reflection and rest, time to visit the local town and markets and explore the Moroccan culture!

Daily Practice:
Each day begins as we gather silently in meditation bridging the space between dreams and wakefulness and building to an energizing dynamic yoga practice.

The evening yoga practice is healing and restorative, slowing everything down with the long sunset shadows.

- 90min Sunrise and 90min Sunset Yoga
- Body awareness practices
- Mindful exercices
- Lectures
- Meditation
- Circle talks

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