The Liforme Black Friday Sale

During Black Friday, it’s important to remember that what you buy matters. Flex your purchasing power whenever you can and make the conscious choice to choose products that not only uplift your practice but also align with your values. Opt for ethically made, planet-friendly, innovative and purposefully designed products that speak volumes about your priorities. At Liforme, we empower you to make a difference because your purchases carry significance.


Regular Yoga Mats

Our original mat, perfect for beginners or advanced Yogis. Can be used in any environment.


Travel Yoga Mats

For the on the go Yogi. Lighter and smaller in size than our regular mat, designed to be easy to transport so you can hit the road.


Personalised Yoga Mats

For the Yogi who likes that personal touch. Customise ths Yoga mats with your own colours, your alignment guide and your name or mantra.

The liforme gift guide 2023

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