Pilgrimage into the poetic heart of India

Pilgrimage into the poetic heart of India0
Pilgrimage into the poetic heart of India1Pilgrimage into the poetic heart of India2
Maharashtra, India
Dec 28, 2019 - Jan 06, 2020
Hareesh Wallis & Hannah Muse
From $3,275 USD


The Sacred India Tour to Maharashtra is a journey unlike any you've experienced. We will visit incredible temples and sacred sites of Yoga and of Shaivism while engaging in deep practice and contemplation of spiritual teachings.

Maharashtra literally means “The great kingdom” and is the birthplace of some of the greatest Poet-Sages of India. Poetry and artistic expressions of devotion have long been an important component of Indian spirituality. The nature of Ultimate Reality is said to be impossible for the mind to understand and put into language, but sacred poetry provides some of the most impactful and evocative attempts.

Join us as we immerse in the poetry and Kirtan (devotional singing) of some of the most profound Poet-Sages of the Bhakti tradition. The exquisite poetry of these Sages has the potential to call forward the part of our own being that knows the Truth, opening us towards our deepest intention and igniting our desire to awaken. We will sit together in sacred and powerful sites, drinking in the beauty of these realized poet-sages, and invite our hearts to break open.

You can relax into your experience knowing everything is completely taken care of. The price is all-inclusive (except flight and tips), and every detail is attended to with loving care. We stay in luxurious hotels with a traditional flair because we want you to be comfortable but also to experience real India.  

Who are our guides?

Hannah will be offering daily āsana practice and guided meditation. She is known for her profound devotion to waking up to the sacred that permeates everything and her nurturing way of weaving ancient wisdom + transformational ritual into everyday living.

Her classes skillfully weave mantra, pranayama, meditation, mudra, and philosophy throughout intelligently-sequenced, alignment-based flows  – and her studies span traditions of Raja, Tantra, Hatha yoga, as well as anatomy, Ayurveda, the neuroscience of mindfulness, and much more, including various mystical traditions.

Hareesh (Christopher Wallis) will offer passionate renderings of spiritual poetry and rich kirtan in addition to yoga philosophy discourse, Satsang (spiritual teaching) and meditation instruction. He will guide you through all of the sacred sites and accompany you on the entire pilgrimage.

In addition to the experienced guidance of Hareesh, we also have a local tour guide we’ve worked with for all our retreats who speaks fluent English and will be devoted to us for the entire trip. 

Highlights of the trip

Burial Site of Jnaneshwar, whose name means “lord of knowledge.” Both an incredibly gifted writer and profound Tantrik mystic, Jnaneshwar’s poetry is resonant with his powerful attainment and unparalleled artistry. He was so merged with the awareness that all beings are at heart one that he could reach anyone with his speech, with his call. Hareesh will recite this powerful poetic transmission to us at Jnaneshwar’s burial site.

The Ellora Caves house one of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple cave complexes in the world, featuring Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain monuments, and some of the finest ancient paintings dating from around 600-1000 CE. This powerful site features the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world, the Kailasha temple, a chariot-shaped monument dedicated to Shiva.  The entire structure was carved from a single boulder, from the three-story exterior down to the Linga at the center of the temple. 

Extension to Ganeshpuri

You can choose to extend your visit 2 nights to join us in Ganeshpuri. There we will visit the sacred burial shrine of one of the greatest Indian Saints, Bhagavan Nityananda. We will also soak in sacred hot springs that are said to have healing properties. 

This extension can be added as an additional item upon registration. Single and Double rooms available. PLEASE NOTE: The extension ends on Jan 8th.

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