Relaxing Yoga Retreat in Uruguayan Hillside

Relaxing Yoga Retreat in Uruguayan Hillside0
Relaxing Yoga Retreat in Uruguayan Hillside1Relaxing Yoga Retreat in Uruguayan Hillside2
Sierras de las Animas, Uruguay
Nov 15, 2019 - Nov 17, 2019
Asteria Yoga
€310 EUR


Chacras de las Sierras is a real estate enterprise in Sierras de las Animas with a unique energy, in a privileged nature environment.

We stay in one of the wonderful houses of this place, enjoying all of the amenities. The service is of excellent quality. Large and bright rooms, cozy areas in community, pool and environmental spaces to relax outdoors 

We will know the surroundings of this exclusive place. We will live the house to relax and do the activities, workshop meetings, sessions and concerts. Meals will be served in the main dining room. The rooms are double private, simple double or simple of five.

We accompany the nature cycles threatening to perform meditation and restorational yoga practices before breakfast.

We propose meetings in the format of theoretical and practical workshop near what is meditation and its benefits in sports performance and its application in the labour area, competition situations and / or stress.


We will have reflection meetings in which we will introduce the philosophical aspect on the practices we perform.

We will close the Saturday day with a guided concert of classical music in piano by the German composer martin munch who will present his work "meditations".

We also propose activities as panoramic walks, relaxation sessions in basins and gong and restorational aromas.



Day of arrival

Soft yoga session in the evening and evening meditation.

Welcome dinner. Introduction to the gastronomic proposal of the weekend.


Yoga and meditation at dawn.

10:00- Buffet breakfast. 

11:30- Panoramic walk for path of the field. 

13:30- Lunch table

In the afternoon 

15:00- We propose a culinary workshop of raw recipes and healthy food by our chef, or optional horseback to natural sites of the sierras area.

16:00- Concert in guided meditation of classical music

17:00- Theoretical and practical workshop on "el meditar" with special focus on sports and tools to apply in labour environment.

18:00- yoga soft and relax in restaurant aromas 19:00 bano de gong (Indonesian own instrument)

20:30- special dinner


Departure day

Soft yoga session and meditation in the morning.

Closure ceremony

Lunch table

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