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Lefkada, Greece
Jun 20, 2020 - Jun 27, 2020
Tanja Nicholls
€950 EUR


There are many factors that affect mental health - both positive and negative. The assessment of these influences - that is, how much they affect a person and how important they are seen - takes place individually.

Rajana Kersten writes in her psychological study of sabbatical experiences about the reasons why people use a sabbatical to understand the desires, dreams, and beliefs associated with them. The sabbatical should bring about an improvement of the life situation, the solution of problems - and without external support. A sabbatical is a long-term leave, but not every employer grants it.

In Austria, every employee is legally entitled to 5 to 6 weeks leave. These weeks are mainly used to maintain and restore the worker's workforce (as the official statement).
What would happen if you restore more than "only" labor in this holiday? Moreover, if you are dedicated to your physical health and personal development?

When you meet new friends and immerse yourself in new cultures? If you learn again to see yourself as part of nature and discover ways to meet your everyday challenges? Developing solutions for topics in a professional context while experiencing peace and serenity?

Possible daily routine

Wake Up Yoga on the beach, jetty, harbor, boat ... followed by breakfast on board

After discussing the daily routine, we make our way to our daily destination, you have plenty of time to relax, read a book, talk to like-minded people or actively participate in the sail, in the approach and dismissal maneuvers and if you feel like it have, you can even take the helm yourself :)

Before we indulge in culinary delights either ashore or on the boat, you can take part in the second yoga session

The coaching sessions take place during the day, usually on land - on request also at the boat - with one or two systemic-solution-oriented coaches.

Learn peace and power during your vacation and find in it the resources and solutions you need for your everyday situations. Enjoy a memorable sailing trip in a small group of up to 6 people

According to the motto "I can not change the direction of the wind, but I can realign my sails to reach my destination" we will deal daily with our self and our body.

With the support of sequences of systemic-solution-oriented and / or resonance coaching, you can discover your resources and solutions for your topics in individual coaching sessions.

Relaxing through movement and change of perspectives - nowhere does this work better than in the outdoors. Whether on a catamaran, on the beach or on the dock, daily we will take our time for yoga. According to individual needs, we will devote ourselves to different styles of yoga as well as fascia and breathing techniques. Yoga experience is not required.

In the most beautiful bays and bathing places we will find time to swim, snorkel and enjoy.
On our catamaran you can enjoy a balanced breakfast, snacks and drinks for free. Dinner is served in a restaurant of your choice, so you can explore the culinary delights of the region to your taste.

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