The Liforme Yoga Pad

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Truly Supportive

We call this the ‘little brother’ of the Liforme Yoga Mat, a mini mat you can easily fit into even a small bag. A handy prop to give you the comfort, stability and grip you need, even when you can’t take your Liforme Yoga Mat or Liforme Travel Mat around with you.

Truly Revolutionary

Tech Specs

Natural rubber with our unique and specially engineered eco-polyurethane
Approx. 0.65kg
33cm long x 64cm wide
Approx. 4.2mm
Mini Bag Included

Mini Yoga Mat Bag Included

Plus info booklet


The Liforme Yoga Pad

Pad and Mat together
Extra Support

Extra Support

Place your Liforme Yoga Pad on top of your Liforme Yoga Mat or Liforme Travel Mat, for extra support and cushioning. You can use it wherever you want or need extra support, for example in postures where you put pressure on your knees. We love using it in headstand too.

Unique Alignment Markers

Your Liforme Yoga Pad comes with an adapted version of our unique and original AlignForMe system of intelligent alignment markers – to ensure you keep your body even and get the most out of your postures.

Unique Alignment Markers
The Perfect Grip

The Perfect Grip

Use your Liforme Yoga Pad on top of another surface (such as a regular studio mat), to make sure you get the ultimate Liforme grip experience whenever you need it!

Planet Friendly, Body Kind

Planet Friendly, Body Kind

The bulk is made with sustainable natural rubber and topped with a specially engineered eco-polyurethane. It's PVC-Free and has no nasty toxic substances. Recyclable outer packaging. Responsibly manufactured and biodegradable.