Teen Yoga Teacher Training

Teen Yoga Teacher Training0
Teen Yoga Teacher Training1Teen Yoga Teacher Training2
Teacher Training
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Apr 09, 2020 - Apr 13, 2020
Charlotta Martinus
$1,370 USD


For many, yoga proves to be a life changing tool. In the face of abuse or other trauma, yoga gives a toolkit to teens to change their path in life and head for a more successful and joyful future.

This course comes with a fully comprehensive manual written by expert teachers in various areas. It is designed to build your confidence and fill in the gaps of knowledge, looking at the infinite and classic wisdom of the philosophy of yoga for inspiration and blending it with present cutting edge research and science to give us a full picture of how best to approach this population with the healing science of yoga. At the end of this course you will feel completely confident to run a course, either intra-curricula or ex-curricula.

The aim of the course is to give you an insight into how to adapt your yoga into a therapeutically specific system for issues and challenges that may arise commonly among this population such as: self-harm , young carer situation, victim of abuse, victim of bullying, stress derived from academic or family pressure, general non-specific somatisation or general anxiety.

A normal yoga class is seldom enough to really address any problems that may be arising among a normal young population. Kids’ yoga is also worlds away from what is needed in a class for teenagers.

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