Health at Every Size Retreat for HAES® for Professionals

Health at Every Size Retreat for HAES® for Professionals0
Health at Every Size Retreat for HAES® for Professionals1Health at Every Size Retreat for HAES® for Professionals2
Plymouth VT, United States
Aug 25, 2019 - Aug 29, 2019
Dianne Bondy
$859 USD


Restore, Recalibrate, Reconnect A HAES ®ProfessionalRetreat with Dianne Bondy and Fiona Sutherland at Good Commons Plymouth Vermont August 25-29th

Join friends and colleagues in a spectacular location for four days to reconnect with the community and re-energise your passion for doing meaningful, body-inclusive work in the world.

Breathe In – the warmth and energy of a like-minded community who get it

Breathe Out – the challenges of living & working in diet culture.

Feel held by experienced retreat facilitators who love to both dig deep into the tough stuff, AND have fun.

Who is this suitable for?

Health professionals with a sound understanding of, and commitment to, Health At Every Size ® principles Folks who wish to connect with, and be in community with others who share a commitment to equitable, body-inclusive care. People who want to explore how yoga intersects with HAES® and social justice – taking your practice from the mat into your communities.

What can you expect?

This will feel less like formal “training” or “workshop” style and more “sit on comfy couches, and have meaningful discussions with others who want to do the same.” There will be a mix of organised sessions (including yoga) & less formal time where you can really feel into what YOU need (and actually respond to it!). Once places are filled, we’ll be communicating with you to fill in a few gaps in the program so we can find out about what YOU need and want


- Breakfast and Dinner

- 1-2 daily body-inclusive yoga practice with Dianne and Fiona

- Hosted sessions with Dianne & Fi eg. Couch-centered Book Club, Social Justice: from (yoga) practice to (clinic room/real world) practice

- Free time to explore the area, settle on a couch – whatever you like!

Does not include:

Transport to and from the venue

Lunches (can bring your own into the house, or head out into a nearby town)

Accessibility Information: It’s important to us that we provide as accurate information as possible, and we are relying on that as provided by the house owners. If there is anything you would like to know that is not mentioned here, please do contact us directly and we will find out for you! We will undoubtedly be a supportive and welcoming group and if anyone needs some assistance, we will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that your needs are met. All of the bedroom are on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and this is a very old house with long and steep staircases. The baths (on all levels) have walk-in showers, there are no tubs other than the hot tub on the deck (yay!). There are several steps from the ground to get up into the house from outside in both the front and back entrances. There is are no private bathrooms allocated to specific rooms, but there are plenty of them throughout the house. The yoga shala is fully accessible, and all care will be taken to cater for everyone’s needs.

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