Here’s a quick summary of why Liforme Yoga mats are the best mats for you to retail in your studio or store, and how they can benefit your Yogi community:

  • Our mats all come with our ground-breaking specially engineered top surface, with unrivalled grip (including when sweaty wet!)
  • Our range of mats has been designed to cater for each individual Yogi’s needs for their own practice:
    • Our signature Liforme Yoga Mat, featuring our unique AlignForMe system of practical alignment markers to intelligently guide Yogis of all shapes and sizes and help them practice in better alignment, and the perfect balance between firm stability and comfortable cushioning.
    • Our Liforme Evolve Mat, featuring all the same benefits of our signature mat but with a pared back and slightly simpler version of the AlignForMe markers.
    • Our Liforme Travel Mat, the lighter and more portable version of our original mat and with all the same features; and whilst less cushioned (as travel mats tend to be) this mat is still able to support your practice or can be used as a topper on a studio mat.
    • Our Liforme Love Mat,  featuring all the same benefits of our signature mat but with a unique embellishment of our popular AlignForMe design, setting the love-lotus at the centre of your mat and the centre of your practice.
  • All our Yoga mats are genuinely eco-friendly. They are biodegradable within a relatively short period when the time comes to dispose of them (although they are engineered to be tough and highly durable for normal Yoga use).  They are also made of completely human-safe materials and are non-toxic.
  • Our wholesale prices are very fair and reasonable, giving healthy reseller margins, so Liforme mats are good for your business as well as having all the above benefits and many more.


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