Yoga Teacher Training Bali 2020

Yoga Teacher Training Bali 20200
Yoga Teacher Training Bali 20201Yoga Teacher Training Bali 20202
Teacher Training
Bali, Indonesia
Apr 03, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020
€ 4590 - € 4790 EUR


"Practicing with dedication, self-reflection and discipline is the yoga of action." 
(Patanjali's Yoga Sutra. II.1-2) 

First and Unique: Our Yoga Teacher Training in April 2020 will be combined with the Bali 2020 retreat at two great venues , 

We start the training with an introductory weekend in Munich. In Bali, the training starts 3 days before and ends 3 days after the retreat. Day 1-7 we practice and teach in a stunning rainforest resort, day 7-16 we move to our Oceanfront Resort - a special powerhouse. The training ends with 2 weekend post-processing in Munich or internship.

Our Yoga Teacher Training offers the perfect introduction to yoga classes. The Sadhakas (Teacher Trainees) acquire a solid foundation in classical hatha vinyasa yoga as they deepen their self-practice, learn to understand their spiritual connection to yoga, and open themselves to a profound inner transformation. Teacher trainees establish an individualized discipline that promotes their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and forms the foundation from which they later draw to teach others creatively and confidently.

Herbal diet, daily practice of asana, breathing exercises and meditation as well as immersion in nature, create an atmosphere that allows profound learning. Our teaching method is individual and honest, the training takes place off the beaten path. This combination provides a deep experience, but requires a willingness to intensity that would not be needed in places where yoga is now taught as consumer goods. A sincere desire to learn, positive attitude and openness to yoga techniques is required. At least 2 years prior, regular yoga practice is recommended. 

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