Young, Wild & Free in Costa Rica with Adzenture Retreats

Young, Wild & Free in Costa Rica with Adzenture Retreats 0
Young, Wild & Free in Costa Rica with Adzenture Retreats 1Young, Wild & Free in Costa Rica with Adzenture Retreats 2
Esterillos Este, Costa Rica
Feb 23, 2020 - Feb 28, 2020
Steph Otto
From $2,150 USD


We are going inward to go onward. We are breaking free from any preconceived perceptions, judgements, expectations, and simply journeying to be You, Wild, and Free! Join Steph Otto on a 5 night yoga retreat in the beautiful land of Costa Rica.

This retreat will include daily yoga practice, meditation, exploration through the beautiful jungle & beaches of Costa Rica, creative methods of releasing including journaling, poetry, dance, and so much more. This uniquely fun and adventurous retreat will allow you to open your minds in order to open up the pathway to your true self, to who you really are without any external influence.

Wide variety of yoga classes? Check! Jungle and Beach activities including hiking to a waterfall and horse back riding? Check! Fun, welcoming, judgement free, safe space to share and open up, journeying to your true self? Check! Even option to partake in a photoshoot with yoga photographer extraordinaire Renee Choi? Check!


What to expect in Steph’s classes? 

Steph is definitely not your average yoga instructor. She prides herself in breaking away from the stereotype that all yoga teachers are zen, calm, and reserved (not that there's anything wrong with these qualities!) Steph is super energetic, a bit quirky, and is very into working out to your max in order to work in to your max. Steph enjoys faster and more strength focused flows which will develop a person’s focus, strength, balance, and coordination.

With a more than typical physically demanding flow, Steph believes this will challenge her students to strengthen their minds as well as their bodies. Steph pushes her students to reach their full potential while always reminding them that “your ego is not your amigo” so always simply listening to your own body and doing the best that YOU can - never comparing yourself to anybody except the person you were yesterday - always striving to grow and transform into the best version of YOU.

Steph incorporates a variety of different styles that range from high intensity to restorative including vinyasa, hip hop vinyasa, yin yoga, yoga sculpt, and more. Steph does bring it down a few notches towards the end of practice, closing off with a restorative cool down, breathe work, followed by mediation.

Workshop 1 - NamastAYEEE; Work-out to Work-in Hip Hop Vinyasa Workshop

What do you usually think of when you hear “yoga”? A lot of people tend to see yoga as a more restorative and less demanding workout. Not with Steph Otto it isn't! In this workshop, we will be breaking free from the norms of a typical yoga practice by incorporating faster paced flows developed to improve strength, coordination, focus all while developing lean muscle.

This Hip Hop Vinyasa workshop will take you through a sequence that flows with hip hop music set to get you motivated to put in work work work work work (Rihanna voice)! Flows will include your typical yoga poses but will incorporate reps & non stop movement.

We will even play around with HIIT and aerobic style workouts focused on the booty & abs. You’re guaranteed to get super sweaty while feeling so strong, open, YOU, WILD & FREE!! By the end of the workshop we’ll be saying NamastAYEEE! Are ya ready?!

Workshop 2 -  Chakra Balancing

Let’s get to the source of your feelings through discovering your subtle energy. In this workshop we will learn all about the energetic chakra system which is one of the most powerful and complete means for self-realization,  healing, and transformation. The chakras reflect decisions regarding how we choose to respond to life situations. We open and close our chakras when we decide what to think and what to feel, and through which chakra we choose to experience the world around us.

In this workshop, we will explore the 7 chakras and discover what yoga asanas, mudras, mantras, and essential oils open, awaken, and balance each of your chakras.The vitalizing journey through your chakras will leave you feeling a sense of harmony & balance while deepening your connection with mind, body, and spirit.

Workshop 3 - Flexible You

Have you ever had the thought "I'm not flexible enough to do yoga?" People say this to me all the time and I find it so silly! Flexibility is not a prerequisite of yoga - it is a benefit!  In this flexibility workshop, we will be diving into the fundamentals of how to deepen your flexibility. This feel good workshop will focus on shoulders & upper back mobility, opening of the front hip flexors & quads, & building strength in the core & lumbar spine in order to deepen your back-bends.

Back-bends aid in removing blockages from our emotional and physical bodies, they are energizing, and healing. Through the use of props, partner work, and pranayama (breathing) we will gently ease into each new level of your flexibility journey to unlock your fullest - bendiest potential!


Costa Rica is a laid back country, full of friendly welcoming people that fully embrace the “Pura Vida”. Pura Vida meaning “pure life” is a happy feel-good expression used for everything from saying hello and goodbye, to telling people you’re having an awesome day. Locals embody this Pura Vida mentality and have woven it into their lives in a very real way. You can quickly see how this laid back philosophy has become a pivotal part of people living long, healthy and happy lives down here. 

We'll be based at Encantada Ocean Cottages, a laid back boutique hotel located in the quiet beach town of Esterillos Este on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica. Expect a quaint tropical setting with villas and cottages scattered amongst palm trees and lush gardens just steps away from the captivating beaches of the pacific ocean. 

Known for having the cleanest, most pristine beaches in the area, surfers flock to Este for its miles of uncrowded beach breaks. The beaches are quiet, picturesque and the perfect tropical setting to post-up and soak in some rays.

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