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Murcia, Spain, Spain
May 09, 2020 - May 16, 2020
Will Fisher, Lee Watson, Jane Legge and Malene Vedel
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9th May - 16th May 2020

Join us in our stunning beach-side ECO-villa for this transformational, life-enriching Mediterranean Vegan Yoga Holiday in Spain.
This is your new home away from home, beachside eco-villa in plant-based paradise!
It is time to enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin with the sound of the ocean and views of palm trees and the expansive blue sea with delicious vegan food and enlightening yoga and meditation. You'll meet like-minded people, have fun and leave feeling nourished and inspired.  
Limited Availability - this YoVeg! Vegan Yoga Holiday always sells out! Secure your space today with a £49 deposit.


A stunning beach-side villa for a transformational life-enriching yoga holiday. Set in the Costa Calida, the jewel of the Spanish coastline, we have arranged a carefully crafted program designed to fully nourish your mind, body and soul.
YoVeg! Mediterranean Vegan Yoga Holiday in Spain is bursting with inspirational workshops, delicious plant-based food, yoga, meditation and life-enriching experiences. 
Wander along the stunning beach, unwind on the villa's sunny terraces, go swimming in the blue sea or join excursions to explore the fascinating local area.  This promises to be an unforgettable vegan yoga holiday in the Mediterranean.    
Enjoy time, space, and guidance, to find inner peace and harmony, whilst learning new healthy habits to live a passionate and empowered life, full of joy and well-being.  


✓   7 nights in our modern villa 10 meters from the beach surrounded by empowering mountains and beautiful palm trees
✓   Jane's delicious daily morning smoothies
✓  Plant-based food cooked by the cookbook author Lee Watson

✓   Bespoke recipe booklet by Lee Watson
✓   Daily yoga and meditation classes with Will Fisher and Malene Vedel (International Yoga Teachers)

✓   Evening transformational experiences with Will and Malene
✓   Specialised yoga workshops with Will and Malene
✓   Cooking demonstration/workshop with Lee

✓  Empowering herbal health workshop with Jane Legge

✓   Day trip to a local Sunday market
✓   Stand up paddle boarding in the bay
✓   2 walks/treks to beautiful locations and viewpoints
✓   Optional daily massage treatments

✓   Lunch in one of the area's best restaurants

  Optional airport transfers*


We have hosted this Yoga Holiday 2 years in a row now and the weather has been spectacular. You can be sure that you will need summer clothes, sun cream and sun glasses!
Day time: 24 - 29 °C
Night time: 15 - 20 °C


YoVeg! Mediterranean Vegan Yoga Holiday in Spain will be full of delicious plant-based food cooked by our amazing chef Lee Watson (cookbook author) using super fresh ingredients sourced from the local markets in Costa Calida.
A true taste bud party 3 times a day every day! During the retreat, Lee will also share with you a cooking workshop where you have the opportunity to learn new techniques and get hands-on with the amazing fresh local produce from the Murcia region. 


Lee Watson: 
Chef and author of the
warmly welcomed cookbook
“Peace and Parsnips” 
Lee is a vegan/ plant-based chef and author of 'Peace & Parsnips' cookbook, co-host of 'Meat vs Veg' TV programme and food writer at beachhousekitchen.com  Lee has worked for years as a restaurant manager and chef in London and around the UK, he has also spent a year working in a restaurant in La Azhoia, the village where our retreat will take place.  
Lee is inspired by creative cooking, food that is decadent and healthy, and is hosting, cooking and speaking at events/ retreats across the UK in 2019/20.  Lee loves to explore the 'sweet spot' that exists between healthy and decadent cooking, believing both are ever possible, taking fresh ingredients and transforming them into nutritious and simple dishes that everyone can enjoy.  

Jane Legge:
Jane has dedicated the last 7 years of her life to studying and working with the currents of women’s cycles. Her passion is helping to guide and support people towards a greater understanding of their natural cycles, the rhythms of life, finding harmony inside and out.
She has travelled extensively throughout the USA, UK and Asia presenting menstrual cycle awareness workshops at events, working with couples and individuals, also promoting the reusable eco-products that are now available. She is a menstruality mentor for Red School and blogs for ‘The Moon and the Womb’ and ‘Woman’s Wheel worldwide – taking the Menstrual Movement on the road’

Malene Vedel: 
Malene Vedel is a compassionate yoga teacher with a professional attitude to her teachings and students.

Yoga and Meditation are her life. From her eyes shine forth a love and interest for the practice. Her work, teachings and writings show a deep and consistent dedication. In her voice, you will be sure to feel inspired by her humbleness, gratitude and joy.

Will Fisher:
Will’s devotion and dedication to the Yoga practice vibrates through his voice. His presence in every moment creates feelings of openness, care and comfort.  One year of intense sadhana with his yoga master in India has helped him to reach high levels of joy, clarity, knowledge and wisdom.


Beautiful modern rooms with the option to book either twin rooms, double rooms, shared accommodation with en-suite or shared bathrooms.
This year we are also offering the option of camping, bring your own tent and enjoy the beautiful warm Spanish spring evenings and sleep to the sound of the sea.


Double En-Suite (1 Person Private) - £1297 (ONLY 1 MORE)
Double Room (1 Person Private) - £1197  (ONLY 1 LEFT)
Double En-Suite (2 People) - £997 per person  (ONLY 1 LEFT)
Twin En-Suite (2 People) - £997 per person  (ONLY 1 MORE)
Double Room (2 People) - £939 per person (ONLY 2 MORE)
Twin Room (2 people) - £939 per person  (ONLY 2 LEFT)
Shared Accommodation - £819 per person (5 MORE)
Camping - £619 per person (ONLY 2 MORE)

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