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Namaste, Let’s Play

We adults love nothing more than introducing the children in our lives to activities that are fun, healthy, and get them moving. Read below ways to get your little one started on their Yoga mat, and with the help of our Yoga for Kids E-book, we are sure they will learn to love their Yoga practice just as much as you!


Side by Side

If you’ve ever tried to do yoga at home with young kids, you know they are not inclined to leave you undisturbed while you get in a 30-minute (or even a 10-minute) practice. Our children love to be close to us, especially when we’re trying to do something else!

However, kids also love to have their own version of grown-up things, hence the popularity of mini kitchens, mini laptops, and mini prams. While we can’t guarantee that having their very-own-super-special-just-like-mummy’s yoga mat will keep them off yours, it should buy you enough time for a Down Dog or two. Whether they like to imitate your movements or you set them up with some Lego, your kids will enjoy having their own mat.

Basic Yoga Instruction

When your kids get a bit older, you can use the AlignForMe™ system to teach them basic poses and plant the seeds of good alignment habits. Most children are visual learners, so putting their hands on the stars or feet on the hearts will appeal to them. They may also want to use their mat for imaginative play, head up their own class for stuffies, or make up poses and teach them to you. Ending yoga play time with a mini Savasana helps them begin to associate their mat with feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Independent Yoga Play

Older kids may start to initiate their own yoga explorations once they have the tools to do it. While you can’t make your kids love yoga, you can show them that yoga is an important part of your life because it helps you self-regulate and feel better. Provide the time, space, and opportunity for the love of yoga to take root in your children.

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