Travel Yoga Mats

Specifically designed to be light and portable, our extensive Travel Yoga Mat range lets you continue your practice on the move. Smaller in size and not as thick as our full-size mats, they are designed to be easily rolled and fitted into a backpack or suitcase so you can hit the road.

Our travel products still have the revolutionary features you expect from a Liforme mat. Extra grippy with alignment lines, biodegradable, non-toxic and PVC free. They also look great; incorporating a number of unique designs and colour-ways. 

You’ll find travel versions of our popular Signature, RainbowWhite Magic, Expression and Giving Back mats to choose from.

Is a travel mat right for you?

With a number of different Yoga accessories available, should you invest in a travel mat?

At Liforme we know how beneficial Yoga can be when you’re on the road for work and the enjoyment of continuing to practice when on holiday - we’ve even dedicated part of our site to listing Yoga retreats.

A travel mat is easier to pack and lighter than a regular mat for those who are on the go. So if you travel often, want a lighter, more flexible and smaller mat it is definitely worth the investment.