Our Mission

To support and encourage the practice of Yoga with our truly groundbreaking and truly useful products. To bring the values of Yoga to the Yoga business and beyond, uniting people who aspire to ‘Live for More®’ by positively engaging in our communities, locally and globally. We back up our beliefs in environmental and social justice and ethical business with concrete actions and since August 2022 we are B Corp certified.

I first tried Yoga as a teenager in 1996 and over the years, I experienced lots of different teachers giving lots of different alignment cues and, quite often, those cues were directions for the positioning of hands, feet, or other body parts in a certain place on the mat. So, I asked myself, why doesn’t someone put markers on the mat to help me position myself evenly, and help my teacher see where I am?

This sparked the beginning of the Liforme Journey.


Practice Made Perfect

Back in 2008...

we started a five-year process of research and development to reinvent the Yoga mat.

We created the first of its kind Yoga mat alignment system with intelligent markers to universally guide Yogis of all shapes and sizes.

Through tireless testing and sampling, we developed our revolutionary GripForMe™ material and many more game-changing innovations to help transform the practice of Yogis the World over.

Never Cut Corners

We go deep into everything we do to ensure true usefulness of all that we make and real integrity in terms of how we make it.

As Yoga popularity has grown, so have the opportunities for unscrupulous businesses looking to cash in and make cheap products which negatively impact our environment and cause harm through unjust supply chains. At Liforme however, we wear our principles on our sleeve, only offering high-quality products that we believe in.

We share a vision of how ethical business practices can reshape the World.

Always Planet First

We advocate and act to protect our precious planet and its people and that’s why we have gone to great lengths to make sure our mats are truly environmentally conscious. We developed our own unique and sustainable materials which are PVC-free, biodegradable and non-toxic to People and Planet.

We work tirelessly to ensure the most Planet-friendly and carbon-efficient logistics and business operations.

We truly believe we have created the World’s most Planet-friendly Yoga mat company.

Purchase With Purpose

When you shop consciously with us and become part of our Live For More community, you can rest assured knowing you’re helping to give back to protect our precious planet and its people. We truly appreciate your support and know that together we can make a real difference!

Our Journey Continues...

We didn’t just create a revolutionary Yoga Mat and stop there. We’ve created a growing community which focuses on giving back to our Home Planet and its people. In 2022, we launched our accessories range and the World’s first Liforme 3D Alignment Yoga Mat Customiser.
But this is still only the beginning for Liforme...