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Create your one of a kind Yoga mat to suit your body, your practice and your personal style.

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Create A Custom Mat

Your Yoga, Your Design

In less than five minutes, you can design a mat with your favourite colours, edit your alignment guide to suit your practice needs and add an inspirational mantra or make it a cherished keepsake by adding your name!

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Start Designing A Mat

How Do I Create a Personalised Yoga Mat?

Step 1

Choose Your Surface Colour

Choose the colour of your mat from any of our favourite base colours: Olive, Dusk Blue, Purple, White, Grey and many more!

Step 2

Edit Your Alignment

Customise the colours and functionality components of our unique and original alignment guide to suit your style, your body and your practice.

Step 3

Personalise It!

Add your name, choose one of our affirmations, or write your own mantra, the choice is yours!

Design a Mat