We are here to serve our community, and we want Liforme products to be accessible to as many people as possible. We also want to acknowledge the work of those that devote their valuable time to supporting communities small or large, local or global, and to help those that are less able to afford our products. We know Yoga can truly be a lifesaver in supporting individuals and communities Worldwide; whether you’re practicing alone or in a large class, you are part of a Worldwide network of like minded Yogis.


15% OFF

For key workers

During these challenging and important times, we know there are some key workers out there who are bearing the brunt of the difficult times we are living in, taking on the heroic tasks that keep our communities safe, well and functioning. Teachers, medical teams, police officers, delivery drivers, care workers and more - we see you! So to show our appreciation to you local heroes, we want to offer you key workers a special 15% discount, to make your lives (and your Yoga practice) that little bit easier.

To support building those connections and maintaining physical and mental wellbeing, Liforme offers a special 10% discount to students, and to members of the Armed Forces.


10% OFF

For Students


10% off

For members of Military & Armed Forces

To sign up as a key worker, student or member of the Armed Forces, and receive a discount via email, please complete the form below:

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